Sunday, November 30, 2008

Duniya mein kitna gham hai........mera ghum to bahut kam hai

"i wonder in the forest of misfortunes,maladies,misery,walking on the bedrock of callous dismay,with the canopy of denigration overhead,occasionaly encountering a ray of hope,of relief,of belief..........but only occasionaly!
for me there are more potholes than is the road,more darkness than is the light,more throes than are dreams,more thorns than are......."
this is a part of what i was to post in this blog next.a lot of time had gone into it.i wanted it to b the tell-it-all of my life and the best of my writings.for once,just for once,i was ready to part with my habit of typing without hitting the backspace.
but now i feel like i am making too much out of nothing(rai ka pahaad,as they say).
picture this:an infant,recently orphaned,with a nanny,in a foreign country,too small to even have memories of his parents to dwell upon when he grows up.
is my pain larger than his?
or picture this:a middle-aged woman,bubbly,full of life but strong headed who was more than just a teacher to many of the students she came across,fell to terror bullets after she was told that it was safe to leave after a 6 hour long hide-out under a dinner table.
is my pain more than those she left behind?her husband,two daughters,colleagues,students....
absoloutely not.

this mumbai incident has forced me to have another look at life.i have had my share of tragedies(and i am going to have many more,i guess)but none have been or rather cudn't be so painful as of losing someone near and heart weeps for those who have lost their kith and kin in the fateful attacks.everywhere out there,is a stench of distrust,insecurity,fear....

this has not only exposed the vulnerability of our defence,the incompetence of our intelligence agencies but also of the impartial nature of hazards-that they do not differentiate betweeen who is who and who has what.till now,the sufferers were mainly from the middle and lower middle class,but this time the elite class were the victims.this means none of us are actually safe.
could the NRIs in their mid-20s in the taj,here in india, to chill out,have fun and meet with old friends,have imagined in their wildest dreams that this would be their last tour?
but then this is the beauty of life."yeh upar waale ka sense of humour bhee badaa ajeeb hai"-to quote kajol in pyar to hona hi tha.

the only silver lining is that this incident has united us even more.the cheers of vande maataram and bharat mata kee jai outside the terror spots were both heartening and inspiring.those men-in-spotlight-right-now might have killed many a innocent life and a few of our bravehearts but they have not been able to,neither will they ever be able to kill our unity,brotherhood and out-for-each-other nature.they will never be able to snatch our pride of being indians.they might have taken away life from many indian families,but they have rekindled our pan-indianness.
sarfaroshee ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai
dekhna hai zor kitna baazue kaatil mein hai
jai hind!

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  1. 2 say bt d startin... yes dir cn evn b more painful incidentz or lyfz dan diz... coz pain in reality hs no limitz.. v nly realize ven v cum across dem... dough if u thnk deeply u urself cn think of mny painful lyfz wich u may abandon as purely fictitioz n nt at al possivle bt fictitiouz pain iz a reality in diz world of 6 billion people. bt v cant kw dem coz such people r so infamouz n abandoned 2 put dir storiez acrozz d world... still nice blog n a an xellent topic ...


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