Friday, November 7, 2008


Apologies to those waiting for my second blog post. I know I should have done it earlier, but then, I had nothing to write on. you may tell I could have started from where I had left, but, do you really want me to bore you again with a sad little story of a silly little girl? (not silly in that sense, I got 95% in 10th.......lollz.......) as i pondered over a thousand topics, I finally zeroed in on 'teenage n the 101 problems dat come wid it'. the topic allows me to touch upon many a sad little story of myriad girls (n not silly or little) n boys if i may add.

"blessed be childhood,which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness", "childhood itself is more lovely than a cheerful,kindly,sunshiny old age", "sweet are the 
memories of childhood"...............blah,blah,blah!And the memories of teenage?

For most of us the most interesting, energetic, ............, ......................, .................., (the gaps are for you to fill up) and dat deserves to be the most eventful period of our life passes away in the blink of an eye,quite uneventfully. REASON? we are too caught up with our past and our future to relish our present.

OK, the first couple of years into teenage, we don't actually realise that we are now a different kettle of fish. And when our senses finally come to senses, we already have a hundred and one things to deal with. We seem to be hurt by every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes our way. And then, we hav our good old parents, grandparents and aunties to deal with. They say it happens at this age; talking about our pimples, totally unaware of what is happening in our life other than what appears on the outside.
The giant waves rising in the raging heart of a teenager rarely come to one's notice. And the list goes on.......
but, should we really care that these big, old, wise people do not care about us when we ourselves do not care about us? Do we really make any effort to make this tumultous phase of ours, a memorable one?
a very few of us would say YES.
Bcoz we are too busy with other things to be aware of this side of the wall. Think about it. How many times have you thought that you are unique, that you are special, that you are mature enough to atleast decide which soap and which shampoo you want to use? (I have still not got the freedom to do it, my parents still think of me as a babyy..........but see, I revolt every time and they have started taking me seriously instead of brushing my hair and smiling sheepishly) How many times have you seriously made an effort to be appreciated in a gathering, say a party or a picnic or the school camp? Or are you satisfied with sumone else stealing the show always? How many times have you told your friends how they matter to you?

Dear friends, this phase of life, is, so to say, a difficult and consequently for some, an inexpressive one. I am not endorsing PDA (public display of affection). I am not telling you either to wear your heart on your sleeves. The thing is dont let the things in your heart to die in your heart. It is important to realise that, at this age, as my frnd explained to me the other day, we start to flaunt our temper more often and hence start losing frnds quickly. Try rubbing them the other way, you may start by flashing a more occasional smile, or giving a small genuine compliment to everyone you meet, and see you will have more and more reasons of having to stop worry about your life. Do something worth remembering everyday. Do something eventful. Don't worry if people still don't understand you, still don't appreciate you. Don't let those complaining Thomases affect u, your thinking a how you want to lead your life. Listen to your elders, but you yourself be the one to take the ultimate decisions. Don't be arrogant, as we quite often become, dare I repeat, at this age. Explain to them, politely, if they don't understand, give them time to understand. I mean to say, go ahead with your decision. Do what you love doing (not to be taken in negative sense), and don't let others define what you love. Forget about the past, prepare for your future, but................enjoy life to da hilt. You know, you will not get to be a teenager again!


  1. a nicely written n well crafted piece wth such an intimate n close look at an age wch is so complex in itself.....good work done!!..well done.

  2. hey sweety.........

    it is very nice.......u rock again....well done.

  3. no wordz 4 such fabulous blogz............


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