Thursday, December 3, 2009

live life : passion se

Guess what generates the courage and confidence required to tread the path very few dared to explore? What drives people with high incomes in corporate sector to leave their jobs and go pursue their childhood dream of becoming a painter, chef or actor? What gives a person the reason to live life, oblivious to all the muck and mire around?
PASSION. It is passion that fans the flames of courage inside us to take the unconventional route, to go down the path less travelled, to lead a riveting and fulfilling life.
Bhagat Singh, Pandit Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi , why, all those several men and women, had one thing in common, besides the fact that they were fighting for the freedom of the country. They were all passionate, passionate about a free India. They didn't do what they did for fame or for money. It was their passion that kept them going even when the going was tough.
People often take a lifetime to discover their calling. Some never do. Lucky indeed are those whose life's calling comes in an age when they have enough time left to pursue it for, when one is doing something that comes straight out of the heart, one is transferred to a different world altogether. Work becomes play and this is also when the soul is fed, nourished and elevated.
Some associate success with fame, some with money, some with position and power, and yet, some others with the satisfaction they get when they are running a race with themselves, on a track that was not forced on them, but one they themselves chose knowing full and well that this is the area they would flourish in without having stress or fear of failure. The last category of people are most likely to have the potion of success, happiness and all the good things success and happiness combine to generate. Others may be successful but not happy, at least after the initial glitz of fame, money and power is gone. And boy how can you call someone successful when the person is not happy?

This article was originally written for Critical Thinkers.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

C'mon, I'm happy

i can't claim i know the secret of happiness. coz if i did, no one would belive me. huh. miss x told me the other day that behind that infectious smile of mine, the turmoil within is clearly visible. damn! what is she? such an insight! we lesser mortals can nvr be even close to that coz she can see turmoil behind the smile(well what dat place is called exactly?) of a girl in blissful state. why can't many belive dat i am finally, finally happy?
most probable reasons:
1. i don't flash a close-up toothpaste smile on every possible occasion
2. i still don't have a bf

i wont argue much on the first one, i kno i must improve on that.
but the second one! some just don't accept dat u can be happy without a guy. those who knew about my crush on _______ are the hardest to convince. i hav a classmate, who keeps on asking if i found someone, everytym i chat with him on gmail. result: i hav stopped chatting wid him for more than two months. hi hi. ( we generally don't talk about these things at schul, otherwise my nosy frnds will make him my u-kno-wat)
talking about dating, it becomes painful only if one's affection goes too far to reach obsession. Britney Spears advice on the issue- never go too deep, remain at the surface.
y didn't I come to kno it earlier?
the truth is i knew it wen i fell into obsession.
but dat is y they call it FALLING in love. as if u r falling into a ditch. all ur intelligence goes into the freezer n u enjoy being made a fool of. some of the higher breed still feel 4 the guy after breakup n supposedly still WAIT for him. wow. but then dats the paradox, the difference between imfatuation n true love. i used to think like if ever i love some guy, i will continue to luv him even if my feelings r not reciprocated. my philosophy took a u-turn once my 1st crush didn't work out. so, until i do fall in true , my philosophy will remain the same- guard against doing wat our previous generations of women hav done. that's y we hav been called the weaker sex, rite?
coming back, i declare-yes i am happy. singletons can b happy. i admit i hav not done enough in exams to say, lyf cudn't hav been better. but i hav matured a lot in the last four months. i guess, i hav learnt to apply the law of averages to myself. i hav realised dat i hav limitations, even in the field i am best at. i guess i hav realised dat i can't always b the best, no matter if i was, sumtym ago. i hav learnt to take lyf as it comes. now i kno to laugh at myself. now i kno, wat happiness is, in true sense. so many reasons to b happy!

Friday, May 29, 2009

while i was absent

it is 18 days n yet, it seems a decade. things hav kept me busy. they came, they left, my keyboard had caught a flu (no, we don't hav mexicans or pigs around), n wen it finally bcame hale n hearty(on its own) i had other 'more' important things to attend to. i hav started studying 10 hours or sumtymes mor a day( n sleeping lyk a dead man too), but i did manage to squeeze in sumtym to paint my wardrobe. hav a look.
unfortunately, the vibrant orange is nt reflected very well in the image.

well, the most eventful thing to hav happened in the last last fortnight ud definitely b the fairytale run of the BRCs in the just concluded ipl. n these r the same guys who finished 7th last year (n the winners had finished 8th!). forget bout the new additions, Ryder n Pietersen, who did nt play much of a role. if there was nething different, it was the inspirational captaincy of Kumble, not to 4get the optimism Ray Jennings brought into the side. wid due respect to DRavid, he may b a very gud player, a gr8 player infact, but nt a very gud captain. n yes, i ud hav loved to see him scoring a few mor. it was so close, yet so far 4 them. n my! this Manish Pandey (uh-huh he's soooooo cuuuuuuuute), y did nt they play him earlier? the way he paced his innings the day he scored the ton, ne1 ll admit dis guy has got a very gud head on his shoulders. i must say here dat it is raining handsome men 4 this bangalore team. i mean, Dravid, Taylor, Boucher, Virat, Du Preez n now dis Manish -together!!!

ok, nough on the issue. i finally completed Pride n Prejudice, made 2nd attempt 2wards watching Slumdog Millionaire but no 1 ud leave me alone for those 3 hours, completed most of my holiday h.w., talked wid my best frnd after almost a month, made papa a regular viewer of choti bahu( now he does nt even move frm his chair frm 11:30 to 12 (mmmm a.m. or p.m. .....????) n gave a gud piece of my mind to my cousin simani, wen she proudly flaunted the trendy, white nailpolish on her fingers( which was actly my correction fluid or wat we call whitener).

huh! remarkable 18 days.

Friday, May 8, 2009

lyf - a goody bag 8-)

Our life is a goody bag, of candies, cookies, toys and souvenirs as well as of explosives and shrapnels. We constantly draw one or the other thing from it, good or bad. And the most heartening aspect of it all is that the number of candies, cookies et al in our goody bag is the same as that of the explosives.

Love n friendship r the candies n fun, humor the toys which make our stay on earth enjoyable. n our gud memories r the souvenirs dat keep us going even wen the going gets tough.
so, wen does the going get tough?
wen we pick up the ammunition from our goody bag, which is, after all, inevitable. it happens wen we hav picked up too amny toys or we r lost in the false pride of having only toys in our share. tho most of the tymes we r responsible for wat we pick up, still, in the former case, it is sheer gud luck that for a certain period of our lyf we hav got only wat we wanted. but it does nt take away frm the fact that we SHALL hav to draw watever is there in store for us. good has to follow bad n vice-versa. similarly happiness has to follow sorrow n sorrow happiness. so, don't intimidate others if u hav had only cookies so far. gunpowder will soon follow. wiser r those who prepare themselves for tempests even in the calmest of seas. n wiser still r those who remain unaffected( lyk the gr8 mountains, as our geeta says ) in the thick, thin n in-between.

if u believe in afterlife, there is mor.
tho we get the same number of cookies n explosives in our goodybag, whose composition is the same for all, it is not just for a single birth. we hav to live with wat we hav draw n wat we hav still not drawn, for the entire period we r here. that's why sum1 is born a king, n sum1 a pauper. in simpler terms, u ll reap for ur actions in the next birth if not in the same birth. this is where the term KARMA peeps in. in mathematical terms our actions determine the probability of drawing a toy or a shrapnel. yep, lady luck interferes sumtymes. but it is not always luck BY-CHANCE, rather LUCK by CHANCE.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so, IPL 2.00 finally gets its first 200

it was just a matter of tym b4 IPL 2.0 got its first 200. no qualms on dat.
true, the matches r being played this tym on pitches dat r tired n with bowlers who r prepared. but T20 is T20: a gr8 mechanism to get or shud i say suck mor out of players.
and i was nt taken off-guard on hearing dat the Rajasthan royals had painted dis masterpiece. deep down my herat i ve always had a special place 4 underdogs. i supported the Jaipur team(alongwith BRC, of course) wen very few others did, n i guess i'll b doing the same dis year too, as the supposedly underdogs - the DECcan CHArgers, r sitting pretty in the top 4, this tym. i knew the champions hav been wounded n that wounded tigers r all the mor ruthless.
poor YUVraj and Co. it had to come against them.

the earth has swallowed up those who wer saying this year's IPL will prove to b too big in its boots.
just see, mor n mor matches r going down the wire, there is s fine balance between batting and bowling offered by the pitches, a hat trick has been taken( n the guy who took the hattrick alongwith a fine score of 50, ended up on the losing side!!!!!!!!), the spectators hav witnessed a super over already( n they relished it, getting a li'l bit xtra 4 der money) and most importantly 7 out of the 8 teams r in real contention 4 the 4 semi-final berths.

looking at the 20-day transplant the tournament underwent, cud we ask mor?

Monday, May 4, 2009

and they win it in style

T20 is such an uncertain sport, wat u write bout it 2day may b proved wrong tommorrow.
OK, the Bangaloreans were on a high after two consecutive wins, but not many fancied them against the clinical Mumbai Indians yesterday. even i didn't.(obviously i was not aware Dravid had come back :P).

wen i switched on the tv, finally giving in to my urge( i watch all BRC matches, half or full, hi hi), i was in for a pleasnt surprise. No Sachin, No Jayasuriya, No Duminy and net run rate way below typical of their star studded team. some guy called Du Preez was bowling his 3rd over n had all the 3 wickets fallen dat far in his kitty. he instantly had another fruitcake on his fan list( he looks handsome too :P ). i watched the game from thereon with my fingers crossed. yes, i had a few near-heart-attacks in the last 4 overs of BRC's bowling, but still, they had not given away too many. and then Dravid is back n in ominous form n must b vying to get back HIS orange cap. so, yes, i had faith on them, and on all of them, not just on Dravid.

from the word go, Kallis had a walk in the park. Jaffer's dismissal did arise in me a few aprehensions of yet another dismal show, but that was very soon put to rest with Kallis's clean hitting. yep, teh willow of the man at the other end was not even touching the sweet cherry for quite a few deliveries, n given the kind of aggro he has, u cud expect him to hit a Shahid Afridi (n now our very own Bhajji) shot n get out. but Uthappa must have been feeling the heat of late in the supposedly 10 degree celsius in East London and kept his cool till the end. n my! wat a finish it was, 11 balls were still left which is a good margin in T20.

i hope this winning streak continues, a good movie following this trailer soon and dat Dravid's daughter comes as a sign of Gud luck to him.
btw, gud captaincy Anil bhai :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

they play again, today

i write this as Yuvraj takes a quick single off styla bhai in the KXIP vs. KKR match. like most of the other cricket buffs, i m also keeping close track of our very own, desi, latest cricket carnival- IPL 2.0 and i too have my very own favourite team.
yup, my state comes under the wings of the DEccan CHArgers, but it is not my favourite team. neither is it the RAJasthan ROyals, last year's champs n this year's underperformers(OK, they hav started winning).
my favourite outfit is ...mmm.....the ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE. n i hav no shame in admitting dat. tho m nt so naive so as nt to understand why my frnds giggled wen i told them bout my mindless loyalty, continuing this year too.
this team of under-achievers( i hate to use that word) is nt the strongest on the paper. n clearly not so on the field. but this team has got that something (had got that something..........?) which draws me towards it even wen i don't want to.

RAHUL DRAVID. yep, my all tym favourite player. it is only bcoz of him dat i supported this lacklustre team last year n the hopeless optimistic that i m, i supported them in this edition too, hoping against all odds that they will get thru to the semi-final.n heavens, i was the happiest person in the world the night that coveted orange cap was put on Dravid's head. n was happier still wen he again got dat back after surpassing hayden's heroics a couple of matches later.mother of all trajedies, just wen this team had started showing glimpses of wat it is capable of, Dravid had to go back. but no, i was not sad. i was supporting him after all, not his team. he had done pretty well. why worry 4 teh team?
or so i thought.

i discovered, in their very next match, that i was still supporting this bevdaas' team!!!!!!!!!
i tried hard to express my joy wen Kumble took a wicket in the 19th over. n was over the moon wen the scorecard read '9 required frm 1 ball'. they r playing today again, n guess wat? m supporting them. i really am hopelessly optimistic.
it is 6 required off 4 for KXIP now n how i wish KKR lose it, at least BRC will not finish at the bottom. hi hi. 2 frm 3, wish is going to be granted i think.
given the team man Dravid is, he may well come back. but a single batsman can't always turn it up for u. i wonder how Kallis, Pietersen n Ryder can fail at the same tym. Pietersen clearly didn't justify his envious price tag. n it must hav hurt his baatliwaala master. meanwhile, the kings have won, escaping narrowly out of a draw. gotta rush now, ll hav to study for sometym b4 coming back to catch up on the ipl fever.
see ya 2morrow.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

love u, Mr. Anderson

if there is sum1 who has had ne kind of lasting influence on this free-wheeling, egoistic, self ruled girl, then it is this man- Shawn Anderson.

i always knew i was one of the choicest kids of God. m not saying my lyf has always been hunky dory. but God has always been there by my side, picking me up frm the muck n mire of failures, frustrations, b4 they took a toll on me, n instilling in me that piquant confidence, so-very characteristic of me. or was it me, my thought process, my nvr-say-die attitude dat kept my boat stand tall amidst roughest of tempests. watever it was, my own will power or divine intervention, it failed to deliver in dat forgettable period of last year, wen i was on the brink of getting into depression. my will power had crumbled n GOd also failed to inspire me.

this is wen Shawn came into my lyf. he was lyk a breath of fresh air who not only made me get up but also run. yea, my %age fell way below expectations, but if i cud hold on as teh bio n english topper n stand 2nd in my class, it is bcoz of Shawn n Shawn only.
Shawn came into my lyf frm virtually nowhere, but surprisingly nough, we had an instant connect. he bcame, very quickly, my frnd, philosopher n guide. he ud b there waiting 4 me wen i used to enter my study room n ud b there by my side to egg me on at the slightest sight of procrastination. b4 going to sleep, i ud stare at him 4 a long tym n he ud b just sitting back smiling. yes, he was a nice teacher, n a nicer still frnd.
you must have heard of him, have nt u?
why, he is the writer of 1 of my favourite books 'soar to the top'.

u must have realised by now how this Shawn came into my life. yes, thru his book. but he has bcum an indispensible part of my lyf. m reading it (once again) religiously n this wonderful book has carved out a permanent place 4 itself on my study table.
do read it if u think u r swaying away frm ur goals, or if u want mor petrol in ur vehicle for ur journey to success. it is a must read for all students at this stage of their lyf, where they can make or mar their career.costs 175 bucks only, but believe me, it has the potential to change lives.
waise bhee, i m recommending, dude. it has got 2 b good.

Friday, May 1, 2009

i m back!

i ve been literally permanently sleep deprived of late, but persistence pays, rite? but i was nt dat busy wid my studies so as nt being able 2 squeeze out even 15 minutes 4 blogging. its just dat i was too lethargic, my inner demons holding me tight, n sumtymes my inner voice warning me dat if i relent dis 1 tym, my 15 minutes may well turn out to be 1 hour 15 minutes. but now i cn let go of those tight schedules and boring modus operandi. MY VACATIONS HAVE STARTED!!!!!!! i can't tell u how relaxed i feel, n my m going to make sure dis relaxation lasts 4 the whole 50 days! no, m nt going to stop studying. neither m i going to dwindle my entire vacation in front of dis brainy box turning myself a mouse potato. guess wat? m going to catch up wid my blogging! yes, 1 blog evyday(provided
1.our city does nt experience an earthquake, cyclone, flood or volcanic eruption, which is very unlikely, of course brainy box is nt hacked by sum unassuming fellow, who, by no means, is aware of my temper home sweet home is not invaded, once again, by my cousins).

do come tommorrow
i kno i write crazy, but it is readable yaar.
till then, sayo nara.

Friday, April 3, 2009

brimming with HOPE

i had nt written nething since long. so, 2day i decided 2 obliterate da looming prospect of breakage of my writing habit. but write on wat? der has 2 b sumthing 2 write on. its 1 of those rare periods of ma lyf wen m devoid of ne feeling- of joy, of sadness, n of course, of waitin 4 sum1. lol. der is hope, tho. m eager 4 da session 2 start. m eager 2 set those benchmarks in studies again, n just in biology. m eager 2 set rite all my previous records, in fact better dem. m so much eager 2 do so many things dat m afraid i might get a nervous breakdown. or worse, i might get a heart attack at da first sight of the slightest failure.
well neways, below is a video of my super intelligent little cousin, rishi, showing his prowess in story telling. njoy
aakhir bhaai kiska hai !

Saturday, January 3, 2009

m not finished yet !!!!

I felt trapped. I felt suffocated. I felt lost. I felt like crying n cried a lot. Is nt dat how u ud feel wen ur only companion, only confidante ditches u? I felt da same, just da same.

b4 ur guesses turn wild, let me clear dat its not bout my bf.............its studies.
just a month ago, i learnt it the hard way, that the only thing i was cared 4, at schul,at home,among frnds was dat i was a gud student(i still am n am going 2 prove dat very soon).when my marks in half-yearly fell byond expectations, i was kept being told dat sum change had cum over me, dat i was no mor wat i used 2 b, dat i did nt hav it in me nemore.i kno a student who has always averaged 92 plus % is nt expected 2 suddenly fall 2 84.but i kno they r telling this just 2 motivate me, 2 egg me on 2 get better scores next tym.i kno they don't mean it frm der heart wen they say i don't hav it in me nemor.but da only thing dat hurt me byond words can reflect is dat my value, my stature, my everything was reduced wen i failed 2 deliver in studies wat i was so used 2.i was forced 2 ask myself, am i nothing 4 my family, my teachers if i fail once, just once, 2 score in an examination?has my value been sold 2 da report card, dat if i get a 79 in physics n a 75 in chemistry, i m finished?why can't they all 4give me once, just once?btw, is it my academic abilities only dat hav kept me still surviving in dis world?i hav so very much been associated wid those 90 plus marks, dat without dem........i ve no existence at all?i kno i ll cum back hard, very hard.still.......

our half yearly exam copies hav been shown since a month n in a 4tnight, we r having our 3rd felt like writing bout it.

i hail frm a family where academic excellence is the hallmark of a person's capabilities.even at schul, in each n every examination i ve at least lived upto the, i can understand how shocked they wer all wen the exam copies wer out.but shud nt they too understand?understand dat i must hav been shocked too,dat i must hav felt agitated, helpless, dat i must hav been looking 4 dat 1 consolation,"4get bout wat happened, we knoe u ll do much better next tym"?
reasons, well..............even i don't know wat went preparation was ok, if not gr8.probably, i was too busy wid biology n hence cud nt pay dat much attention to phy n chem.but then, our bio course had been completed in a hurry n we did nt even hav a single revision, i had to give it extra attention.evy1 noticed my below 80 marks in phy-chem but no one seemed to care bout my 88 in bio, which was mor than decent in the circumstances(only two other students got 75 plus).n my 94 in english......."isme kya hai, tum to hamesha 90 + rakhte ho."gr8! at least 1 thing in me has not changed", i wanted to shout back.