Friday, April 3, 2009

brimming with HOPE

i had nt written nething since long. so, 2day i decided 2 obliterate da looming prospect of breakage of my writing habit. but write on wat? der has 2 b sumthing 2 write on. its 1 of those rare periods of ma lyf wen m devoid of ne feeling- of joy, of sadness, n of course, of waitin 4 sum1. lol. der is hope, tho. m eager 4 da session 2 start. m eager 2 set those benchmarks in studies again, n just in biology. m eager 2 set rite all my previous records, in fact better dem. m so much eager 2 do so many things dat m afraid i might get a nervous breakdown. or worse, i might get a heart attack at da first sight of the slightest failure.
well neways, below is a video of my super intelligent little cousin, rishi, showing his prowess in story telling. njoy
aakhir bhaai kiska hai !