Monday, May 4, 2009

and they win it in style

T20 is such an uncertain sport, wat u write bout it 2day may b proved wrong tommorrow.
OK, the Bangaloreans were on a high after two consecutive wins, but not many fancied them against the clinical Mumbai Indians yesterday. even i didn't.(obviously i was not aware Dravid had come back :P).

wen i switched on the tv, finally giving in to my urge( i watch all BRC matches, half or full, hi hi), i was in for a pleasnt surprise. No Sachin, No Jayasuriya, No Duminy and net run rate way below typical of their star studded team. some guy called Du Preez was bowling his 3rd over n had all the 3 wickets fallen dat far in his kitty. he instantly had another fruitcake on his fan list( he looks handsome too :P ). i watched the game from thereon with my fingers crossed. yes, i had a few near-heart-attacks in the last 4 overs of BRC's bowling, but still, they had not given away too many. and then Dravid is back n in ominous form n must b vying to get back HIS orange cap. so, yes, i had faith on them, and on all of them, not just on Dravid.

from the word go, Kallis had a walk in the park. Jaffer's dismissal did arise in me a few aprehensions of yet another dismal show, but that was very soon put to rest with Kallis's clean hitting. yep, teh willow of the man at the other end was not even touching the sweet cherry for quite a few deliveries, n given the kind of aggro he has, u cud expect him to hit a Shahid Afridi (n now our very own Bhajji) shot n get out. but Uthappa must have been feeling the heat of late in the supposedly 10 degree celsius in East London and kept his cool till the end. n my! wat a finish it was, 11 balls were still left which is a good margin in T20.

i hope this winning streak continues, a good movie following this trailer soon and dat Dravid's daughter comes as a sign of Gud luck to him.
btw, gud captaincy Anil bhai :)

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