Friday, May 1, 2009

i m back!

i ve been literally permanently sleep deprived of late, but persistence pays, rite? but i was nt dat busy wid my studies so as nt being able 2 squeeze out even 15 minutes 4 blogging. its just dat i was too lethargic, my inner demons holding me tight, n sumtymes my inner voice warning me dat if i relent dis 1 tym, my 15 minutes may well turn out to be 1 hour 15 minutes. but now i cn let go of those tight schedules and boring modus operandi. MY VACATIONS HAVE STARTED!!!!!!! i can't tell u how relaxed i feel, n my m going to make sure dis relaxation lasts 4 the whole 50 days! no, m nt going to stop studying. neither m i going to dwindle my entire vacation in front of dis brainy box turning myself a mouse potato. guess wat? m going to catch up wid my blogging! yes, 1 blog evyday(provided
1.our city does nt experience an earthquake, cyclone, flood or volcanic eruption, which is very unlikely, of course brainy box is nt hacked by sum unassuming fellow, who, by no means, is aware of my temper home sweet home is not invaded, once again, by my cousins).

do come tommorrow
i kno i write crazy, but it is readable yaar.
till then, sayo nara.

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