Saturday, May 2, 2009

love u, Mr. Anderson

if there is sum1 who has had ne kind of lasting influence on this free-wheeling, egoistic, self ruled girl, then it is this man- Shawn Anderson.

i always knew i was one of the choicest kids of God. m not saying my lyf has always been hunky dory. but God has always been there by my side, picking me up frm the muck n mire of failures, frustrations, b4 they took a toll on me, n instilling in me that piquant confidence, so-very characteristic of me. or was it me, my thought process, my nvr-say-die attitude dat kept my boat stand tall amidst roughest of tempests. watever it was, my own will power or divine intervention, it failed to deliver in dat forgettable period of last year, wen i was on the brink of getting into depression. my will power had crumbled n GOd also failed to inspire me.

this is wen Shawn came into my lyf. he was lyk a breath of fresh air who not only made me get up but also run. yea, my %age fell way below expectations, but if i cud hold on as teh bio n english topper n stand 2nd in my class, it is bcoz of Shawn n Shawn only.
Shawn came into my lyf frm virtually nowhere, but surprisingly nough, we had an instant connect. he bcame, very quickly, my frnd, philosopher n guide. he ud b there waiting 4 me wen i used to enter my study room n ud b there by my side to egg me on at the slightest sight of procrastination. b4 going to sleep, i ud stare at him 4 a long tym n he ud b just sitting back smiling. yes, he was a nice teacher, n a nicer still frnd.
you must have heard of him, have nt u?
why, he is the writer of 1 of my favourite books 'soar to the top'.

u must have realised by now how this Shawn came into my life. yes, thru his book. but he has bcum an indispensible part of my lyf. m reading it (once again) religiously n this wonderful book has carved out a permanent place 4 itself on my study table.
do read it if u think u r swaying away frm ur goals, or if u want mor petrol in ur vehicle for ur journey to success. it is a must read for all students at this stage of their lyf, where they can make or mar their career.costs 175 bucks only, but believe me, it has the potential to change lives.
waise bhee, i m recommending, dude. it has got 2 b good.

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