Friday, May 8, 2009

lyf - a goody bag 8-)

Our life is a goody bag, of candies, cookies, toys and souvenirs as well as of explosives and shrapnels. We constantly draw one or the other thing from it, good or bad. And the most heartening aspect of it all is that the number of candies, cookies et al in our goody bag is the same as that of the explosives.

Love n friendship r the candies n fun, humor the toys which make our stay on earth enjoyable. n our gud memories r the souvenirs dat keep us going even wen the going gets tough.
so, wen does the going get tough?
wen we pick up the ammunition from our goody bag, which is, after all, inevitable. it happens wen we hav picked up too amny toys or we r lost in the false pride of having only toys in our share. tho most of the tymes we r responsible for wat we pick up, still, in the former case, it is sheer gud luck that for a certain period of our lyf we hav got only wat we wanted. but it does nt take away frm the fact that we SHALL hav to draw watever is there in store for us. good has to follow bad n vice-versa. similarly happiness has to follow sorrow n sorrow happiness. so, don't intimidate others if u hav had only cookies so far. gunpowder will soon follow. wiser r those who prepare themselves for tempests even in the calmest of seas. n wiser still r those who remain unaffected( lyk the gr8 mountains, as our geeta says ) in the thick, thin n in-between.

if u believe in afterlife, there is mor.
tho we get the same number of cookies n explosives in our goodybag, whose composition is the same for all, it is not just for a single birth. we hav to live with wat we hav draw n wat we hav still not drawn, for the entire period we r here. that's why sum1 is born a king, n sum1 a pauper. in simpler terms, u ll reap for ur actions in the next birth if not in the same birth. this is where the term KARMA peeps in. in mathematical terms our actions determine the probability of drawing a toy or a shrapnel. yep, lady luck interferes sumtymes. but it is not always luck BY-CHANCE, rather LUCK by CHANCE.

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