Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so, IPL 2.00 finally gets its first 200

it was just a matter of tym b4 IPL 2.0 got its first 200. no qualms on dat.
true, the matches r being played this tym on pitches dat r tired n with bowlers who r prepared. but T20 is T20: a gr8 mechanism to get or shud i say suck mor out of players.
and i was nt taken off-guard on hearing dat the Rajasthan royals had painted dis masterpiece. deep down my herat i ve always had a special place 4 underdogs. i supported the Jaipur team(alongwith BRC, of course) wen very few others did, n i guess i'll b doing the same dis year too, as the supposedly underdogs - the DECcan CHArgers, r sitting pretty in the top 4, this tym. i knew the champions hav been wounded n that wounded tigers r all the mor ruthless.
poor YUVraj and Co. it had to come against them.

the earth has swallowed up those who wer saying this year's IPL will prove to b too big in its boots.
just see, mor n mor matches r going down the wire, there is s fine balance between batting and bowling offered by the pitches, a hat trick has been taken( n the guy who took the hattrick alongwith a fine score of 50, ended up on the losing side!!!!!!!!), the spectators hav witnessed a super over already( n they relished it, getting a li'l bit xtra 4 der money) and most importantly 7 out of the 8 teams r in real contention 4 the 4 semi-final berths.

looking at the 20-day transplant the tournament underwent, cud we ask mor?

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