Sunday, May 3, 2009

they play again, today

i write this as Yuvraj takes a quick single off styla bhai in the KXIP vs. KKR match. like most of the other cricket buffs, i m also keeping close track of our very own, desi, latest cricket carnival- IPL 2.0 and i too have my very own favourite team.
yup, my state comes under the wings of the DEccan CHArgers, but it is not my favourite team. neither is it the RAJasthan ROyals, last year's champs n this year's underperformers(OK, they hav started winning).
my favourite outfit is ...mmm.....the ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE. n i hav no shame in admitting dat. tho m nt so naive so as nt to understand why my frnds giggled wen i told them bout my mindless loyalty, continuing this year too.
this team of under-achievers( i hate to use that word) is nt the strongest on the paper. n clearly not so on the field. but this team has got that something (had got that something..........?) which draws me towards it even wen i don't want to.

RAHUL DRAVID. yep, my all tym favourite player. it is only bcoz of him dat i supported this lacklustre team last year n the hopeless optimistic that i m, i supported them in this edition too, hoping against all odds that they will get thru to the semi-final.n heavens, i was the happiest person in the world the night that coveted orange cap was put on Dravid's head. n was happier still wen he again got dat back after surpassing hayden's heroics a couple of matches later.mother of all trajedies, just wen this team had started showing glimpses of wat it is capable of, Dravid had to go back. but no, i was not sad. i was supporting him after all, not his team. he had done pretty well. why worry 4 teh team?
or so i thought.

i discovered, in their very next match, that i was still supporting this bevdaas' team!!!!!!!!!
i tried hard to express my joy wen Kumble took a wicket in the 19th over. n was over the moon wen the scorecard read '9 required frm 1 ball'. they r playing today again, n guess wat? m supporting them. i really am hopelessly optimistic.
it is 6 required off 4 for KXIP now n how i wish KKR lose it, at least BRC will not finish at the bottom. hi hi. 2 frm 3, wish is going to be granted i think.
given the team man Dravid is, he may well come back. but a single batsman can't always turn it up for u. i wonder how Kallis, Pietersen n Ryder can fail at the same tym. Pietersen clearly didn't justify his envious price tag. n it must hav hurt his baatliwaala master. meanwhile, the kings have won, escaping narrowly out of a draw. gotta rush now, ll hav to study for sometym b4 coming back to catch up on the ipl fever.
see ya 2morrow.

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