Friday, May 29, 2009

while i was absent

it is 18 days n yet, it seems a decade. things hav kept me busy. they came, they left, my keyboard had caught a flu (no, we don't hav mexicans or pigs around), n wen it finally bcame hale n hearty(on its own) i had other 'more' important things to attend to. i hav started studying 10 hours or sumtymes mor a day( n sleeping lyk a dead man too), but i did manage to squeeze in sumtym to paint my wardrobe. hav a look.
unfortunately, the vibrant orange is nt reflected very well in the image.

well, the most eventful thing to hav happened in the last last fortnight ud definitely b the fairytale run of the BRCs in the just concluded ipl. n these r the same guys who finished 7th last year (n the winners had finished 8th!). forget bout the new additions, Ryder n Pietersen, who did nt play much of a role. if there was nething different, it was the inspirational captaincy of Kumble, not to 4get the optimism Ray Jennings brought into the side. wid due respect to DRavid, he may b a very gud player, a gr8 player infact, but nt a very gud captain. n yes, i ud hav loved to see him scoring a few mor. it was so close, yet so far 4 them. n my! this Manish Pandey (uh-huh he's soooooo cuuuuuuuute), y did nt they play him earlier? the way he paced his innings the day he scored the ton, ne1 ll admit dis guy has got a very gud head on his shoulders. i must say here dat it is raining handsome men 4 this bangalore team. i mean, Dravid, Taylor, Boucher, Virat, Du Preez n now dis Manish -together!!!

ok, nough on the issue. i finally completed Pride n Prejudice, made 2nd attempt 2wards watching Slumdog Millionaire but no 1 ud leave me alone for those 3 hours, completed most of my holiday h.w., talked wid my best frnd after almost a month, made papa a regular viewer of choti bahu( now he does nt even move frm his chair frm 11:30 to 12 (mmmm a.m. or p.m. .....????) n gave a gud piece of my mind to my cousin simani, wen she proudly flaunted the trendy, white nailpolish on her fingers( which was actly my correction fluid or wat we call whitener).

huh! remarkable 18 days.

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