Friday, October 15, 2010

let not urself lose sight of ur dreams

let not your determination waver......

they may threaten to crush your soul
they may threaten to bend your will
they may threaten to drown your dreams
they may make your vision seem uphill.....
they may lure you to a fairyland beyond
they may lure you to an alternative abode
they may seduce you with some shortcut invisible
yet, let not your path falter
in the muddle of memories that sorrounds you
in the swarm of charm that sorrounds you
let not yourself lose sight of your dreams....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My first brush with 'Noetic Science'

This is after 3 months that I am finally at first homecoming after taking admission in DU.
And this happens to be the first time I covered such a long distance-from Delhi to Odisha, alone in train. As is the case with me whenever I travel in trains, I was drowned in a book throughout. To be preicse, in Dan Brown's 'lost symbol'. I always find myself completely absorbed in the plot whenever I read Brown. The way this man amalgamates history, science and suspense, one is bound to salute the kind of research he has done before bringing his masterpieces out.

Lost Symbol introduced me to the little known, and to me entirely unknown, NOETIC SCIENCE. For those who are not sure what it is "no•et•ic sci•ence is A multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the full range of human experience.
"noetics is an alternative metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind and intuition, and its relationship with the divine intellect. Among its principal purposes are the study of the effects of perceptions, beliefs, and intentions on human consciousness.The theory of noetics centers around the idea that the human mind is capable of affecting work or events or even doing work in the physical world. It is suggested that thought and spirit are not, in fact, imaginary, but are Bose or photon based, meaning essentially that the mind can be quantified by formulae which describe quantum materials such as light. This is a radical conclusion, as many people consider thoughts to be weightless. Noetic theory claims that just as gravity affects all matter, thoughts do as well, although to a lesser degree."

(wikipedia for you :P )
Though there is a declaration in one of the starting pages of the book all the things that have been talked about in the later pages are for real, I was skeptical......I was not convinced that the soul had been weighed, and its existence already proved. Having been a bio student, many questions came to mind....what if ........, what if........

Here's what went a long way in quelling my doubts
From a Noetic Science experiment in 1988:
The human soul weighs 1/3,000th of an ounce!
That’s the astonishing claim of East German researchers who recently weighed more than 200 terminally ill patients just before, and immediately after, their deaths.
In each case the weight loss was exactly the same–1/3,000th of an ounce.
“The inescapable conclusion is that we have now confirmed the existence of the human soul and determined its weight,” Dr. Becker Mertens of Dresden said in a letter printed in the German science journal Horizon.

The expert’s report, co-authored by physicist Elke Fisher, got mixed review from top scientists around the world. Gerard Voisart, the leading French pathologist, was especially critical, saying that the weight difference between the living and the dead could be accounted for by air leaving the lungs. But Drs. Fisher and Mertens said they took that into account in making their calculations. They further stated that the device they used to weigh the soul has a margin of error of less than 1/100,000th of an ounce.
“It occurred to us that the weight loss could be the result of an instantaneous physical deterioration,” said Dr. Fisher. “But after exhaustive study we agreed that was not the case. The only possible explanation is that we were measuring the loss of the human soul or some kind of life force.”

Isn't it amazing.......just imagine how many gateways will now be open.....ones that had been scrutinised to a fault and bolted. it shud always hav been clear that science and religion lead to the hallowed portals of one and the same it whatever you choose or God.

There is another article I ud like to share regarding this topic, one I came across some days ago in 'the speaking tree' section of  TOI. Its essence was something like this - We don't understand science, but we all make use of technology. For e.g. we may not know the inner mechanism of a television, we may not understand how we come to see what we see, yet as long as we have we have the remote in our hand, that does not matter. we do nt understand electricity but we all use it, thanks to technology. this analogy applies very well to religiousness and spirituality. spirituality is the remote, but religiousness remains what the remote is essentially for.
Very true indeed. We can't discard religiousness just bcoz we don't understand it. even I used to wonder as a child, what is the logic behind fasting. how could God be happy if yuu don't eat anything for a day. Sacrifice, huh?
That was before I happened to read this article in the health & wellness section of newspaper one day, that said fasting once a month is a good way to cleanse our system. Fasting about once a fortnight serves the purpose all the more. Of course, strenthening our will power in the process. My discoveries continued over time.....learning that touching the feet of elders or doing namaskar actually activated our accu-pressure points, where as shaking hands transferred the raja-tama components from a distressed person to ourselves, that by blowiing the shankh or conch before any ritual, we actually reduce the movement of negative energy. over time I was fascinated by these scientific explanations. I started looking up these things in the net...and I was astonished to find that so many of the rituals that had appeared impractical someday, were actually so clear in their science, our ability to understand them was wanting.

sample this- the aarti thal is moved in a circle in clockwise direction bcoz the earth rotates in a clockwise fashion  and frequency of the environment won't offer any resistance to the movement of the lit lamp. 

I could go on and on, but if you are interested just google scientific reasons behind indian traditions or simply hit the first result after you have googled noetic science. This realm is actually mind boggling!!! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

someday you will be.......

In that vault of darkness,
Somewhere there was a way for light to enter
But you kept the door bolted for so long,
Even light lost the hope to illuminate your life
There was present, someday, a vulnerable spot in your heart
One that could have made you beautiful, humane
You chose, instead, to rip apart that chunk of flesh
And made your heart a piece of stone, held fast with chains
You banished love from every nook and cranny of your existence
Discarded all relationships, relegated humanity
Erased all traces of past memories, and in that place
Fanned the flames of betrayal, letting aglow the fire of revenge in full glory
Someone tried to make you see sense
Someone made every possible effort to make u forget and remember
-to make u forget what u remembered
And to make u remember the times you had chosen to forget.....
As was your nature, you didn't flinch from your stand
Nor did i, me being me!!
( yes, i never gave up and i am still at it )
It's a different story that u r nt aware
But someday, the same person you will be
The one who made me fall in love with life....

what it feels to be.....home

There are times when one feels happy without any reason
One is draped in a state of bliss
And it is not just a passing sensation
The feel-good factor just refuses to leave
One realises some higher force is in action
Some power mysterious, and deep
Something tells one to be effortless, at ease
For things simply fall into place
They keep happening just the way u please
Little little things make u happy
The familiar sight of mother's hair tied in a bun
Or the tantalising baking aroma wafting from the kitchen
The warm feel of that old fading blanket,
Or one's own plate, spoons lending receptive looks
Or father yet again misplacing his key
And the entire household joining forces to find it
One fails to understand why, one unknowingly cherishes moments
That would have appeared piquantly ordinary any other day
But this day seems to be peculiar, like no other
And one is blessed to find bliss in such mundane offerings
Perhaps this is the acknowledgemment of absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder
The old phenomenon of learning-the-value-when-the thing-is-no-more-with you
When the food one's mother prepares tastes like out of the world
And one's wish to quarrel with siblings strangely accrue
Perhaps this is why............................
No I'll not analyse it any more
There are hundred and one things to fall in love with
Silly banter, incessant chatter, crazy happenings galore
I'll go at once, drape myself in that blanket of bliss
Leap once again, into that familiar, heavenly abyss.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When something between covers nourishes your soul

No, I will not even attempt to write a review of it. Say what you may but I don't have that much confidence in my writing skills as to construe upon this heavenly piece of story, justifiable praise.

Often, I had told myself, that I fell pray to alluring, richly textured language, not having much sense left to decide wheather the story, and the story alone cud have whetted my appetite. But yeah, I read for pleasure and just the language should stimulate my senses, rather there should be a story that could remain with me for a long tym and comfort me in times I am far from literature, in the mundane humdrum of everyday life.

And this tym I was served with both. Charlotte Bronte had first come into the purview of my senses 2 years back ( i say 2, and not 3 bcoz she was introduced to me in the last chapter of our history book, close to 2008). JANE EYRE is her sole claim to b a novelist, so, u kno what I am talking about. :D I rather brought it out in too plain a manner, after a bit of suspense :P But unpredictability ought to be my forte, as u, my very small legion of fans must have found out by now. For, the end of my board exams didn't bring me here, to u guys, neither the competitive exams i appeared in. I must hav had so much to discuss, na? Neither did my success in AIPMT prelims incite in me the desire to blog. For, I have generally blogged, of lately, only when I am too touched or too desperate. And touched am I, indeed, by the sheer poignancy of the ageless classic that Jane Eyre is. And I was desperate, as soon as I was finished with it, to trumpet forth my appreciation for it, that I had absoloutely relished Jane Eyre, and that not only has it become my favourite novel but that its now right up there with Jane Austen, the writer I just love to read and re-read, and Khaleid Husseini, my current object of uncensored admiration.

I grew, personally, in these 2 months after the board exams, more than I had until now. Read up a number of master pieces in self improvement genre viz. 'megaliving', 'how to stop worrying and start living', 'how to win friends and influence people', 'how to win a million dollar personality' n currently absorbing as much as I can from 'think and grow rich'. Of course, I am not such a goody-goody girl as to limit myself to just this genre. Had plenty from the romance genre in 'sense and sensibility', 'jane eyre', 'wuthering heights', 'persuasion', 'mansfield park' and 'the scarlet pimpernel'. More recently, finished 'the kite runner', on my way back to Jharsuguda from Delhi. So immeresed was I in the story (Grand Salute to Khaleid Hussaini, kya baat, kya baaat, kyaa baat), that funnily, I started feeling hungry and thirsty only when i had finished it.
I truly can't imagine what my life ud hav been had there been nothing called LITERATURE.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waiting for you

I was standing drenched,
Drenched in raindrops,
Looking upwards,
Looking for you,
Waiting to be comforted.
Not with a hug or anything,
Only with the consolation,
That you are there for me.
As umbrellas fluttered,
In tandem with the raindrops,
In the mercy of the wind,
I stood still, waiting for you-
Under the umbrella,
He held out for me.
"You are drenched in tears"
He said. I dismissed him-
"These are the raindrops,
Your umbrella cudn't shield me from.".
He said nothing. Just about smiled,
The smile that was heavenly.

I looked upwards again
With still some hope in my eyes
Coz I knew, you would come
The night passed by
By morning I was already tired
Tired of waiting for you
But he was not
Holding his umbrella in onehand
And caressing me with the other
The entire night
For he believed
I would understand him one day

I believed you would come to me one day, God.

Day in and day out
I waited
In the scorching sun
I waited
In the chilling wind
I waited
I waited and waited
You didn't come
But he was there, smiling
Alllll this while

I asked him to leave
I wanted none, other than you
And I feared, I cud fall in love
With someone other than you
He left, with tears
And huge dollops of love
In his still beaming eyes
It was not long
Before I realised


just an orphan

The more I reach for you
The more you elude me
But I never doubt God
That u r there sumwhere for me

In the yellow blanket of mustard fields
In the azure canopy of a limpid sky
In the dancing raindrops, in the capering lilies
And in all moments passing by
In the bashful movement of dewdrops on grass
In the silent breeze that kisses my hair
I constantly feel your presence God
But I know not where you are.

Some say you are in the temple
Some find you in the church
Yet some go to the mosque on the street
To offer their daily prayer

But for someone like me
Who has got no name, no religion
Where do I go, to find you God?
You didn't give me a father or a mother
So who is to answer my questions
other than you ?
But before that, tell me God
Where am I to find you?
Should I go to the temple?
Am I a Hindu?
Or should I go to the church,
Being a Christian?
Or am I a Muslim, or a Jew?
Oh! I forgot