Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waiting for you

I was standing drenched,
Drenched in raindrops,
Looking upwards,
Looking for you,
Waiting to be comforted.
Not with a hug or anything,
Only with the consolation,
That you are there for me.
As umbrellas fluttered,
In tandem with the raindrops,
In the mercy of the wind,
I stood still, waiting for you-
Under the umbrella,
He held out for me.
"You are drenched in tears"
He said. I dismissed him-
"These are the raindrops,
Your umbrella cudn't shield me from.".
He said nothing. Just about smiled,
The smile that was heavenly.

I looked upwards again
With still some hope in my eyes
Coz I knew, you would come
The night passed by
By morning I was already tired
Tired of waiting for you
But he was not
Holding his umbrella in onehand
And caressing me with the other
The entire night
For he believed
I would understand him one day

I believed you would come to me one day, God.

Day in and day out
I waited
In the scorching sun
I waited
In the chilling wind
I waited
I waited and waited
You didn't come
But he was there, smiling
Alllll this while

I asked him to leave
I wanted none, other than you
And I feared, I cud fall in love
With someone other than you
He left, with tears
And huge dollops of love
In his still beaming eyes
It was not long
Before I realised


just an orphan

The more I reach for you
The more you elude me
But I never doubt God
That u r there sumwhere for me

In the yellow blanket of mustard fields
In the azure canopy of a limpid sky
In the dancing raindrops, in the capering lilies
And in all moments passing by
In the bashful movement of dewdrops on grass
In the silent breeze that kisses my hair
I constantly feel your presence God
But I know not where you are.

Some say you are in the temple
Some find you in the church
Yet some go to the mosque on the street
To offer their daily prayer

But for someone like me
Who has got no name, no religion
Where do I go, to find you God?
You didn't give me a father or a mother
So who is to answer my questions
other than you ?
But before that, tell me God
Where am I to find you?
Should I go to the temple?
Am I a Hindu?
Or should I go to the church,
Being a Christian?
Or am I a Muslim, or a Jew?
Oh! I forgot