Sunday, June 20, 2010

When something between covers nourishes your soul

No, I will not even attempt to write a review of it. Say what you may but I don't have that much confidence in my writing skills as to construe upon this heavenly piece of story, justifiable praise.

Often, I had told myself, that I fell pray to alluring, richly textured language, not having much sense left to decide wheather the story, and the story alone cud have whetted my appetite. But yeah, I read for pleasure and just the language should stimulate my senses, rather there should be a story that could remain with me for a long tym and comfort me in times I am far from literature, in the mundane humdrum of everyday life.

And this tym I was served with both. Charlotte Bronte had first come into the purview of my senses 2 years back ( i say 2, and not 3 bcoz she was introduced to me in the last chapter of our history book, close to 2008). JANE EYRE is her sole claim to b a novelist, so, u kno what I am talking about. :D I rather brought it out in too plain a manner, after a bit of suspense :P But unpredictability ought to be my forte, as u, my very small legion of fans must have found out by now. For, the end of my board exams didn't bring me here, to u guys, neither the competitive exams i appeared in. I must hav had so much to discuss, na? Neither did my success in AIPMT prelims incite in me the desire to blog. For, I have generally blogged, of lately, only when I am too touched or too desperate. And touched am I, indeed, by the sheer poignancy of the ageless classic that Jane Eyre is. And I was desperate, as soon as I was finished with it, to trumpet forth my appreciation for it, that I had absoloutely relished Jane Eyre, and that not only has it become my favourite novel but that its now right up there with Jane Austen, the writer I just love to read and re-read, and Khaleid Husseini, my current object of uncensored admiration.

I grew, personally, in these 2 months after the board exams, more than I had until now. Read up a number of master pieces in self improvement genre viz. 'megaliving', 'how to stop worrying and start living', 'how to win friends and influence people', 'how to win a million dollar personality' n currently absorbing as much as I can from 'think and grow rich'. Of course, I am not such a goody-goody girl as to limit myself to just this genre. Had plenty from the romance genre in 'sense and sensibility', 'jane eyre', 'wuthering heights', 'persuasion', 'mansfield park' and 'the scarlet pimpernel'. More recently, finished 'the kite runner', on my way back to Jharsuguda from Delhi. So immeresed was I in the story (Grand Salute to Khaleid Hussaini, kya baat, kya baaat, kyaa baat), that funnily, I started feeling hungry and thirsty only when i had finished it.
I truly can't imagine what my life ud hav been had there been nothing called LITERATURE.