Wednesday, October 6, 2010

someday you will be.......

In that vault of darkness,
Somewhere there was a way for light to enter
But you kept the door bolted for so long,
Even light lost the hope to illuminate your life
There was present, someday, a vulnerable spot in your heart
One that could have made you beautiful, humane
You chose, instead, to rip apart that chunk of flesh
And made your heart a piece of stone, held fast with chains
You banished love from every nook and cranny of your existence
Discarded all relationships, relegated humanity
Erased all traces of past memories, and in that place
Fanned the flames of betrayal, letting aglow the fire of revenge in full glory
Someone tried to make you see sense
Someone made every possible effort to make u forget and remember
-to make u forget what u remembered
And to make u remember the times you had chosen to forget.....
As was your nature, you didn't flinch from your stand
Nor did i, me being me!!
( yes, i never gave up and i am still at it )
It's a different story that u r nt aware
But someday, the same person you will be
The one who made me fall in love with life....


  1. Well, Sudha this was amazing as well. It sounds a bit paradoxical or did I deduce a different meaning altogether. Doesnot matter, I made this my own by my own thought pattern. Wonderful. Write more often, I bet it'll do a world of good to you and we readers. Thanx.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment. People like u do induce me to write more often with their interest in my modest works.
    This poem is on a friend who suddenly changed frm being my inspiration to a den of -ve energy. It speaks of hw she singed herself with hate and jealousy n of my endeavour to bring back her real self. You know what's interesting? Had u left ur comment a couple of months back, I would hav said that I had pretty much succeeded but nw I'm inclined to think otherwise.
    Do drop in more often.


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