Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what it feels to be.....home

There are times when one feels happy without any reason
One is draped in a state of bliss
And it is not just a passing sensation
The feel-good factor just refuses to leave
One realises some higher force is in action
Some power mysterious, and deep
Something tells one to be effortless, at ease
For things simply fall into place
They keep happening just the way u please
Little little things make u happy
The familiar sight of mother's hair tied in a bun
Or the tantalising baking aroma wafting from the kitchen
The warm feel of that old fading blanket,
Or one's own plate, spoons lending receptive looks
Or father yet again misplacing his key
And the entire household joining forces to find it
One fails to understand why, one unknowingly cherishes moments
That would have appeared piquantly ordinary any other day
But this day seems to be peculiar, like no other
And one is blessed to find bliss in such mundane offerings
Perhaps this is the acknowledgemment of absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder
The old phenomenon of learning-the-value-when-the thing-is-no-more-with you
When the food one's mother prepares tastes like out of the world
And one's wish to quarrel with siblings strangely accrue
Perhaps this is why............................
No I'll not analyse it any more
There are hundred and one things to fall in love with
Silly banter, incessant chatter, crazy happenings galore
I'll go at once, drape myself in that blanket of bliss
Leap once again, into that familiar, heavenly abyss.


  1. I can empathize with that...
    That feel when I go back to home after months of waiting... and you get all the attention and special care. Very important to stay away from the things you love, only then you get to measure their importance. :)
    simple, lovely words.

    1. Thanks Ashish. Indeed distance makes our heart grow fonder.

  2. Very true Sudha.. there are times in our life when we feel that a supernatural and blissful force is backing us to be happy and to be a winner.. beautiful poem to describe a lesser known feeling..


  3. very well said..that feeling to go back to home is unique in itself.
    Loved each and every line of the poem which describe each and every one thoughts who know what it means to be back at home after so much long time


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