Friday, May 6, 2011

Footprints on the sands of time..

I left my footprints....on the sands of time
Walking with bare feet on the unrelenting sun-soaked grains of sand
Never once complaining, let alone wincing with pain
Rather reminding myself with every step forward
To marvel at the courage God had blessed me with
To continue walking....on the sands of time
And then all of a sudden blew the winds of change
Blew and blew till none was left as before
And not a trace was left of me ever having
been there
"So that's my reward of so much struggle?"
I could stand it no more, I declared.

I broke down and dug myself a grave of tears
Alas! the palliative grave failed to give me the peace
That the incessant struggle of everyday had showered on me
I tried to reason with my mind, time and time again
To ditch the world that refused to recognize me
And rest in.......but no, peace still eluded me!
The path still lay before me
The vast expanse of sand calling out
And then I realized my bliss is in the joy of pain
The joy of the pain of walking on the remorseless sands.
Whether they choose to recognize me
Or try to erase my existence is their choice
I no more walk with the aim of leaving my footsteps behind

I walk purely for the joy of walking.....
 on the sands of time.


  1. well crafted..i really liked those last lines

    "Wheather they choose to recognise me
    Or try to erase my existence is their choice
    I no more walk with the aim of leaving my footsteps behind"

  2. Hi Sudha,

    You've got a wonderful blog here.
    "I walk purely for the joy of walking, on the sands of time."
    I can relate to these lines as I'm a self-professed walker. I used to walk to places while I was in college. Even today, I prefer walking to nearby places, rather than using a transport. I love to think while walking.

    Good post, keep posting :)


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    1. Thanks Jay
      Literally also, as you chose to talk about, I love walking purely for the joy of it :)
      Keep coming back.

  3. Walking across sand leaves traces of one's presence unlike water or stone. It is up to each one of us to create a legacy for ourselves that stands the test of time. Liked the poem.

  4. Very Nicely Penned!!


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