Friday, May 6, 2011

ponderings of an introvert

In the incessant chatter people indulge in all day
Do they ever chance upon speaking to themselves?
All those who claim to read people's minds
Have they tracked all of their own mind's musings?
And then those who say they reside in many a person's heart
Do they know it full and well who their heart craves for?
They may continue to climb the ladder of popularity
But ask them if they have experienced the intoxication of mystery...
Ask them whether they have tasted solitude
And felt the soul take to wings and fly in the unbounded sky of pure bliss...
Ask them...and take my words, they will not have the answers.
They have mistaken fun to be happiness and sold themselves to the crowd
Lost their individuality, left their soul to perish
And what was only meant to be hummed, they have tried to sing aloud.....

No wonder these days people are afraid to be by themselves!!!!


  1. Nice poems. They reveal a very reflective mind. Relevant thoughts about contemporary world...

  2. I happened be an introvert at one point of time, much more outgoing now but can tell you for sure that when you are one of those who speak less, people tend to respect you much more. All of this of course provided you talk real sense when you actually speak up during those tiny moments! BTW, nice thoughts!!!

  3. Very nice poem ..

    Glad to know about your wonderful blog... thanks to indiblogger :)

  4. Yea, most of us have sold ourselves to crowds. Nice poetry.

  5. superb... :)
    loved it.
    Being with really important.

    you might like this post of mine, related:

    1. Thanks Ashish :)
      I'll check out that post in your blog.

  6. nice poem!! and I think you and me would make a good pair of introvert :P bcoz I too speak very less in real life...

    1. Thanks! Whether we will make a good pair or not, you should decide after having read all the posts in this blog. Don't let yourself believe that you know me, this soon ;)

  7. nice poem -good one :)


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