Thursday, June 30, 2011

is it wrong if i find peace of mind here?

Breezing past castles of jaunty ideas
and touching clouds pregnant with lofty ideals
Perched on the kaaleen of my misty dreams
I finally landed, yet again, on Utopia-
The land of virtue, the land of transcendence
Where every grain of the sand oozes warmth n compassion
-let alone its inhabitants...
Where the river flows with ambrosia
-yet nobody tries to build dams n monopolise it
 for they know that resources are abundant, and
 that they only need to keep greed away
Where the wind caresses one with the touch of a mother
-every ruffle of the feathers a heavenly note
-every rustle of the leaves music divine
Where the flora and fauna live in perfect harmony
Human beings? each one an idealist.
-nobody trying to overpower or manipulate anyone, anything
-where austerity is affluence and simplicity is style
-use of force too complicated a tool
Where everybody is a friend of the other
-yet an intoxicating solitude is the order of the day.

Wandering in the wide open spaces
I, the queen of utopia, can't help but start wondering
'Is it wrong if i find peace of mind here...and not there?
Am i to be called an escapist if i escape, but to my OWN land
From the din and bustle of what is called REALITY?
If i can accept that this is not real and still be happy here
Am i necessarily mad? impractical? as they choose to call me?
They surely don't have any business with it?
Or do they?' world is here. And here i will be.
Today. Tommorrow. Every single day.
As long as reality exists, so will my Utopia.

Monday, June 13, 2011

no reasons...

So, finally I am back to the serene, scenic, sublime land of Odisha-my state. 6 months away from home is such a long time :D

It's only after going away to Delhi last year to study that I fell in love with my birthplace...before that, as often happens, I had taken it for granted. Of course Delhi has its charms (reserved for another day, another post) and I am deeply in love with it as well. But there are reasons for falling in love with Delhi and..... simply NO REASONS for being in love with Odisha.

I was flooded with memories while passing through the Durga temple, my school, my oft-visited beauty parlour with my father who had come to pick me up from the station. I grew nostalgic and had myriad flashes of times it waiting for my friend Surmita at the temple who had come frm Sundergarh to my place for a day or the umpteen morning assembly speeches I had delivered...and as for that parlour, the funny looking parlour waali aunty and her bossy ways. 
It was not long before we stopped in front of our gate, rather time appeared to have flown...amazingly fast. 
My Mamma and siblings were standing at the gate waiting for me since the last 15-20 minutes. The reception I got made me feel like I was returning home after many years lol. First the lemonade n then the humble iced dahi-pakhala, sajana saaga, badi choora, aloo bhartaa n stuffed kalara made for a sumptuous dinner. And for desert we all had kalakand-my favourite. 

The Odiya newspaper lying on the coffee table, though could not seduce me to read it, yet lured me just enough to go and pick it up and admire the curvy, artistic Odiya script. Every little thing seemed to pull me towards it. 

And in the morning...ohh...I only wanted to go out and explore how the place had changed. A number of new apartments had come up along with a few restaurants, which were under construction the last time I was here. All of dis was pleasing to the eyes. There was familiarity and there was change as well. there seemed to be a magic in the air...a certain dunno-wat that kept infusing into me a feel-good factor. 

The not-so-busy highway was an endearing sight. Me walking solitary on the clean road with no rush, no traffic to worry about with a lovely zephyr caressing me was all that I needed to rejuvenate myself after the tiring train journey.

At times, simplicity rocks. 
And that's the way it is here.

I realised it sometime back that I had always this thing in mind that the way people are here....that's the way people are everywhere else, ok at least the majority. 

However, when I started noticing the fast life, a lifestyle where people are always on the go, always surrounded with people, people with plastic smiles and fake concern, people who just need any random reason to go to Barista or McD and celebrate, but have no inclination to slow down the tempo of their lives and be with themselves, be alone and nurture their inner springs of energy, when I started coming across tales of the local youth misguiding tourists regarding the route to their destination just to have fun, to the tales of gory crimes committed in daylight, to how gullible foreigners are made to pay almost double the price of everything in open markets....I realised that there actually are many reasons why my sleepy little Jharsuguda is better than Delhi in some ways. 

A hard-to-describe feeling when i saw the name of stations written in Odiya, and not just and English and Hindi, aboard the train....that's the moment it had dawned upon me that I actually needed no reasons indeed....that I have always been in love with my state...that only the acceptance came late.