Thursday, June 30, 2011

is it wrong if i find peace of mind here?

Breezing past castles of jaunty ideas
and touching clouds pregnant with lofty ideals
Perched on the kaaleen of my misty dreams
I finally landed, yet again, on Utopia-
The land of virtue, the land of transcendence
Where every grain of the sand oozes warmth n compassion
-let alone its inhabitants...
Where the river flows with ambrosia
-yet nobody tries to build dams n monopolise it
 for they know that resources are abundant, and
 that they only need to keep greed away
Where the wind caresses one with the touch of a mother
-every ruffle of the feathers a heavenly note
-every rustle of the leaves music divine
Where the flora and fauna live in perfect harmony
Human beings? each one an idealist.
-nobody trying to overpower or manipulate anyone, anything
-where austerity is affluence and simplicity is style
-use of force too complicated a tool
Where everybody is a friend of the other
-yet an intoxicating solitude is the order of the day.

Wandering in the wide open spaces
I, the queen of utopia, can't help but start wondering
'Is it wrong if i find peace of mind here...and not there?
Am i to be called an escapist if i escape, but to my OWN land
From the din and bustle of what is called REALITY?
If i can accept that this is not real and still be happy here
Am i necessarily mad? impractical? as they choose to call me?
They surely don't have any business with it?
Or do they?' world is here. And here i will be.
Today. Tommorrow. Every single day.
As long as reality exists, so will my Utopia.

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