Monday, August 8, 2011

The Divine Union

It was only a casual, passing glance but perhaps just long enough to make me go weak in the knees. Another furtive look in the direction, and I was convinced my heart had been captivated.

Of course, I had strength of character enough to make nothing apparent on the outside, but the flutter inside my belly was making matters worse every passing second.          
On top of that, the ostensible indifference of my object of interest! The message seemed to be that I would have to make the first move!

Sure enough, I had the delicacy not to appear desperate, but I was afraid, my eyes, banished to cold impression, were every moment giving in to the attraction of speaking more. It became obvious that indeed I was the one required to make the first move but I decided to allow myself the indulgence of being seduced a little more. I lifted up my eyes, sunk as they were in the ground in perpetual fear of expressing more than I desired them to, and looked for signs of invitation.

The same ostensible indifference! And believe me, it created another surge of attraction on my part! I could hold it no more, that was it. The thoughts of an important appointment and the past resolution of not giving in to any more seductions too easily had been immediately done away with and I found myself walking……..walking with the poise and confidence of a seasoned enchantress, fully aware that the work on the other side had been done and now the turn was mine…. to make it big.

However voyeuristic I might sound, the intensions of that drumming heart of mine were, upon my word, pious.

I only wanted the union to be impeccable, the kind that would raise us both in the eyes of the world, and in the process, take us closer to the divine power that had thrown the two of us together.

Time seemed to have flown. We were close to each other now, very close, and I let my fingers run over the blank, pristine, white sheet of paper. I felt yet again, the divine pleasure of knowing that soon it will be filled, intimate to all my hearts musings and hoped, the union will be fruitful.


  1. Ah! the divine pleasure of putting pen to paper! very well written!

  2. indeed! a great way of expressing true love for writing.:) nice post!

  3. hey,a nice piece of work..!!! if i am not wrong then probably it's time your readers get a copy of your published novel/poetry/fiction etc. Of i am looking forward to the day when students or other aspiring writers or poets are using your quotes..!!! keep running its almost the time u cross the finish line..!! hope to meet a great writer-psychologist of my time. :-)


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