Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Narcissist Speaks

"Error!Hello, Narcissus! Unfortunately, you cannot add your own profile to your network, no matter how much you love it."

This was the result of my carelessly clicking on the + shaped icon in my Indiblogger profile which stands for 'add to network'. Had no intention to blog right now, was just checking out the number of votes my last post had managed to gather and whoa!! This super humorous message that happens to have a personal relevance for me, popped up, out of the blue! 
Now humorous, understandable. But personal relevance? Well yes, not-so-long ago, a friend bugged up with my narcissism (inflated sense of self importance and extreme preoccupation with oneself, in case you wanted the dictionary meaning ;)), had called me a reincarnation of the Greek hunter Narcissus, in a female form, the only difference being that his object of obsession in himself was his beauty!

Back then I didn't know the origin of the term narcissist or who Narcissus was.(If you also don't know, here's a link) When I did come to know about it, I had a hearty laugh of course. But I didn't fail to see what the intended message was as well. To be wary of overconfidence, of unintentionally and unknowingly irritating people with a barrage of I, me , myself stories, of self-centredness blah, blah, blah. No denying, taken to extremes, everything is bad- ati sarvatra varjayet. But that doesn't take away the benefits of having a quality in the right proportion. Now I can see you frowning and saying that narcissism by definition is extreme. But ask me, I can find just the right proportion in that as well lol.

Yes I am narcissistic, but what's wrong with that? After all, as long as a person does not love himself, how can he ever hope that somebody else will? In fact if you ask me, I see so many narcissists all around me. There seems to be either a narcissism epidemic or it seems to be the characteristic feature of the youth. Now how cool this phrase sounds 'narcissism epidemic', doesn't it? lol

At times when I feel like somebody else's life is all hunky dory, somebody was born with a silver spoon, that somebody has more lustrous hair or a better rapport with her classmates, I just make use of this really powerful affirmation "I am privileged to be me". And it works wonders for me. The room for improvement should always be open, admitted, but one needs to guard against changing oneself for every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes along. Not taking it too far, yes, is important and it is the responsibility of my common sense and conscience, and having it in the proper balance is, I believe, absoloutely healthy. That I love myself must be very evident to you if you have explored my blog a bit. This page does an amazing job of being a manifestation of my narcissism and in any case, every blog post of mine has something or the other to speak about myself :D Coming back to the benefits of narcissism, it certainly helps you to make you mind when you are about to take a risk, to tread the waters of uncertainty. Being also occupied with images of fantastic grandeur and superiority, a narcissist is relentless, tireless, driven and very competitive. He is a go-getter, 'strongly compelled', when the people around him might at most be just 'motivated'.
And herein comes the necessity to distinguish pathological narcissism from healthy narcissism.  

"Healthy narcissism is a mature, balanced love of oneself coupled with a stable sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Healthy narcissism implies knowledge of one's boundaries and a proportionate and realistic appraisal of one's achievements and traits."

So go pamper yourself, bask in the glory of being who you are and indulge yourself in some healthy narcissism. Happy self-love ;)


  1. Beautiful post, loved this line - "I am privileged to be me". Sometimes I also feel the way you do but then I listen to some inspirational music and it works out for me, love being myself :-)

  2. I'm glad you could connect with the post :)


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