Sunday, October 9, 2011

A walk to remember

A long winding road in front and nobody in sight. Add to that the skies just about opening up and the earthly aroma of the wet soil. Ah! Could the setting have been more romantic?

We started walking, taking small steps, looking at each other every now and then and turning our faces away biting our lips, our pace momentarily hastened, slackening yet again in a few seconds.
The breeze kept playing with my hair and I kept brushing it aside, becoming more nervous every now and then but revelling in the woundingly sweet feeling, almost death like in its kindness and yet agonising in its intensity.
The road was still empty, which was strange considering the usual bustle at this time of the day. Divine intervention perhaps. We kept walking in the embalming silence, cozily wrapped up in a blanket of bliss. Not a word was exchanged, as usually happens when we are together, but many a thought were exchanged through the clandestine glances. 
The vibes were such one could have kept walking on and on and on for life, just for keeping alive the trance. Yes I said trance. I was into one, that evening. For when I fell out of it, out of my dream I mean, and out of the bed as well, I had a kind of a hangover that would again keep me in a trance for quite sometime!


  1. Hi. I periodically read your blog's ...why? A little birdie highly recommended them. You have an amazing way with words...... I had to comment on this one...why? I guess I'm a hopeless romantic and perhaps curiousity got the better of me....but was this a real person or yr imagination? Off course u don't have to tell me.....but I'm hoping u will. :-)

  2. Hi Jannat(a nyc name i must say, if that's ur actual name....n even if it is nt :D). I m glad u like my 'way with words' :) And guess what? even I m a hopeless romantic and right now very curious to know who that little birdie is ;)
    to answer your question....well.....interesting questions often don't have simple answers u kno lol.
    waise i keep falling in and out of love...with all writers i read, all gud philosphers or spiritual people i read of, all witty people i have stimulating conversations with. n then i fall out of love at the slightest hint of something disagreeable or something i disagree with. m too complicated in matters of love :D
    nt to disappoint you, I'll answer your ur query. The person ws nt real. Havn't found somebody 'real' to walk with in rain like dat :P

  3. Lol...then you truly have a wonderful imagination girl! ...I always envisaged that such feelings and emotions could only be expressed when one has experienced the true state of love....

    waise aap bhi jaanti hai I wasn't really asking abt your love of writers, philosophers, witty I was explicitly being nosey and make no apologies for it :-D...after all ladki hu...can't resist a true love one didn't exist here ;-) but then again koi aapne dil ki baat kissi anjaan ko tori bata deta

    Ek baat aur " interesting questions often don't have simple answers" - I dont agree, when you know your mind everything is pretty simple... :-)

    As for the little birdie.....for the time being thats my very sweet secret ;-)

    BTW....In the words of Shakespeare "The love of heaven makes one heavenly" - tab hi toh hum Jannat

    You are unknowingly inspiring a lot of people....keep up the good work!

    Ciao ;-)

  4. even u hav a nyc way with words gal :) neways lotsa thanks 4 the encouragement and the aooreciation...keep coming back :)


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