Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winter is here....

The Sun seems to start bleeding a little early these days. November is coming. Darkness has started spreading its wings and must be settled in a short while, yet the woundingly sweet chill in the evening air entreats one to keep walking.

Kamla Nagar market has always been a mood lifter for yours truly, but for some reason the appearance of sweaters, stoles, skivvies and sweatshirts in place of the summer apparel is particularly pleasing to the eye and the heart.

There is a tingle of mucus in the nose and one craves for the divine tasting tomato soup in the Nirula's campus near Arts Faculty, almost as a reflex action.

Distance blues. Idea dropped. However, the roadside momos with hot chutney are not any less inviting.
And today they seem to taste a whole lot better. Yes, this is a sure sign of the winter being here.
One more thing that tastes infinitely better and supremely divine in the winter is Chole Bhathure in Chache di bhatti, Kamla Nagar.

No student in the north campus will fail to sing its praises, with one plate of chole bhathure being amazingly pocket-friendly at Rs. 22 and sufficient for a hearty lunch. The sad part is it closes by 2 p.m. and so one misses out on a lunch from here most of the times due to college.

Talking about street food in Kamla Nagar, the Chole Kulche  and bhelpuri are also not bad.

And with one plate of Chole Kulche coming at Rs. 15, every north campus student, at least once, must have run into one of the stalls between lectures.

Being a vegeterian, of course I haven't tasted it myself, but the most popular street food in K.N seems to be shawarma.

One also picks up a couple of maggi packets.
After all, no hostelier's late night study in winter is possible without a plate of piping hot soupy maggi.

Of course, one's maggi can't taste like Tom Uncle's Maggi, yet one does try to make it as yummy as possible with loads of green chillies and sometimes with oregano and chilli flakes.

It is difficult to point out what exactly one likes the most about winter. Is it the calm and serenity around? Or sleeping under cozy blankets? (last year it was my first Delhi winter experience and even 3 blankets had difficulty keeping me warm in early January!). Is it the expanded choice of cuisine? (I love everything spicy and what season is better than winter to tingle your taste buds while your eyes are brimming?) Or the perfect weather condition to go visit monuments and parks or simply for evening walks? Or is it the guiltless late-to-bed, late-to-rise routine? Or the vacation and then the DU Fest?

As one basks in the warmth of the happiness emanating from inside at the thought of Winter, one is also reminded of the number of things one would need in winter viz. body lotion, moisturiser, lip balm etc. Yes winter brings with it so many little little sources of happiness. But it also burns a hole in one's pocket with the routine cravings for something hot and spicy and the winter care toiletries lol.
However that in no way takes away from the fact that I just love the Delhi Winter.

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  1. Wow. i have just cum accross your blog and your description of the student life of delhi university is very enchanting.


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