Monday, December 26, 2011

The NAOP Conference Story:Part II

The next 3 days turned out to be those 3 days of my life in which I became aware of the scope of psychology, the fascinating research works being carried out by the psychologists all over the country and also discovered that I was the youngest member of the conference!

The conference, apart from being the annual convention of the NAOP for 2011, also included various international symposia on the multidimensionality of poverty.

It is difficult to talk about all the sympoia I managed to attend and so I will only mention the ones that most highly impressed me.
If asked to pick out one event of the conference that I treasure being a part of, it has to be the talk on 'Military Psychology:Non-Traditional Research' delivered in the audi by a renowed professor from DIPR, DRDO, Ministry of Defence. Every single minute of his lecture, I sat transfixed and my hands mechanically, at a super human speed jotted down all that could be. From the super interesting programmes at DIPR to the current endeavors and the future challenges, everything was simply awesome to me and the professor with the silver hair appeared to me to have come from a different world speaking of wonders hitherto unimagined of. I know I am only 2 years old or rather 1 and a half, as a psychology student and know nothing about the huge ambit of my subject, yet, it was fascinating or simply thrilling to discover that something that interested me so so very much was an area of research in my subject, very much open to me. Yes, It was decided in that talk itself, if ever I work on something in psychology, some research after my post graduation, I will do it in DRDO!

Apart from this talk, another highly interesting and even enlghtening event was the workshop we attended on writing publishable manuscripts. The top psychologists of the country, all having authored and co-authored several books and journal papers, were giving us tips! Everything from the ethics of publication to the politics of it, was lucidly explained and I thanked my stars and Sonal di also, to make me attend the workshop when I had decided to attend a symposium on Organisational Psychology a day before. The richness of experience I gathered in this workshop will only come to light when some finding, some research of mine in the future gets published in some psychology journal and I draw lots of accolades for it lol.

Oh yes, what made the conference super memorable was actually my own presentation.
Now it is very clear that had my own presentation not been upto the mark, all these memories would never have been penned down. And I absoloutely mean it when I say my own presentation made this event super memorable. The chair person heaped praises on me on account of my age, pointing out that I must be the youngest member of the conference and giving away the gift he was given by IRMA for chairing the session to me! Also amazing was the fact that I could very confidently answer all the questions that other panelists shooted at me. Not only I was appreciated for taking up qualitative analysis, and not some standardised tests and just using some statistics to come to a result, but was also appreciated for the choice of my subject as it drew on something very practical. Obviously what made my presentation different and impressive was my oratorial skill. Taking up my presentation as the final of some big debating event, right from the very begining I spoke to the best of my capabilities, persuasively and answering myself all questions I could think of that could be shooted at me, myself.
The credit of course, goes to Dr. Preeti Kapur Ma'am whose social psychology classes are actually debating contests where we talk about anything and everything under the sun and try to interpret them from a psychologist's point of view. Those numerous lectures had sharpened my presence of mind and the ability to defend my point of view using some or the other theory. In fact the realisation on the very first day of the conference that umpteen researchers here had come with good research work but not with very good presentations and oratorial skills was what had given me confidence that I could pull it through. And the way I did it still makes me grin from ear to ear :)

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