Monday, December 26, 2011

The NAOP Conference Story:Part I

So, picking up from where I left it, I reached the railway station well before I needed to, thanks to my watch showing me time one hour faster than what it should ideally have.

Now I believe in totally judicial utilization of my resources (which includes time of course), so without whiling away the extra one hour I was bestowed with, I started scanning the interesting milieu around me. I mean, that's also pretty useful you know, considering that I am a psychology student lol. However, I was bored pretty soon and took to reading the book I was carrying(Eat Pray Love if you are curious).

Sonal di, the senior who was to accompany me to the conference arrived in half an hour and the rest of the time till we boarded the train was spent in happy chatter with her and her affable mom.

The train journey was uneventful as it was dark when the train started chartering territories unknown to me. And yes, we had to de-board at 5 in the morning so we slept early. Now it was impossible for the neurotic me to sleep peacefully when we had to get up before 5(I, for one, have this bad habit of getting up not before 7 even during exam days). I woke up a number of times, the last of which was at 5:30! In total horror I ran to the door and realising that the train was approaching a station, asked the frighteningly tall man standing at the door which station it was. Baroda. No tragedy then.

We finally got down at 7. Totally typical of the Indian Railways' sense of time.
We reached IRMA in some 15 minutes or so, and were promptly escorted by one of the watchmen to the rooms alloted to us. Sonal di's room and mine was separated by close to half a kilometer! However, the good news was that these rooms were unexpectedly squeaky clean and every possible need of toiletries was taken care of by the hospitality team.

I had forgotten to carry my mobile phone charger, and so, after breakfast in the mess hall for the students, I and Sonal di went to the market. Being a Sunday, almost every shop was closed, and though we did get a charger for my phone, we couldn't see much of Anand and came back to the institute.

Oh yes, the institute in itself had much in it to be explored. True to the description in the institute's website, it had serene, sylvan surroundings, a sprawling campus indeed, spread over no less than 60 acres.

The coolest of all its features was the huge library building(which was incidentally closed to the visitors lol)

and the tower with a number of bells, a gift from Amul, which sent lovely chimes every hour of the day.

Clicking pictures and doing vella panti in the campus, the day came to an end with not much to write about. Oh yes, we did get ourselves registered in the afternoon and got our delegate identity card and a conference bag with the usual accessories all conference bags carry and then a non-Gujarati(!) dinner(this was not in the mess hall anymore, the conference was signalled to have been started with this proper conference like dinner; pity that I had kept waiting for some Gujarati food and didn't get any).

This was a day we had sincerely hoped to be occupied in some manner and were painfully bored. Little did we know that in each of the next three days, we would be occupied for more than 12 hours in the conference and would return to our rooms tired, and in my case, too tired to even practice once for my presentation!

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