Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It is alright to be weak at times....

Dear X
The lump in your throat these days, 
Speaks louder than the words your trembling lips utter; 
The tears in your brimming eyes look ready to gush out anytime; 
And that smile of yours no more recommends you to me,
For that plastic thing is the biggest barrier between your real self and me. 
Stop fighting with yourself, it is alright to be weak at times;
And no, you won't set me a bad example by doing that, so relax on that account; 
I am no longer the the bundle of innocence you loved; 
I now know there is something to be worried about, 
When you no longer take interest in your erstwhile favorite activities, 
When you pretend not to have heard scathing comments unambiguously directed at you, 
And continue humming and spreading sunshine all around 
When I know that you yourself are in deep agony. 
I only want you to understand that it is perfectly fine to let go at times, 
To lay bare your emotions, to not worry about what others will think of you,
To speak out your mind, and most importantly, 
To not let your different masks make you forget your real self. 
Enough of lending your shoulder to support every creature around you; 
I want you now to stand up for yourself. 
But before that you will need to accept that you have human failings after all; 
And that it is no crime showing your weakness to the world. 
When you have carried the burden of so many, so many times, 
Don't you think you should let somebody, for once, shoulder your burden as well? 
Why do you have to be the strength of everybody else, 
When you yourself are going weak on the inside everyday?
Don't you see that this weakness will one day wither you from inside? 
Let the volcano erupt; it has to someday, it can't be otherwise. 
Enough has been bottled up. Let it all out. 

I promise, this time, I will be your strength for a change.

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