Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My love for you

It's been ages
Since you last made me laugh.
So long, in fact,
That I don't even remember
What it was for.
Of late, you have only made me cry.
So much so that just thinking about you
Makes my eyes well up.
You made a mess of your life.
Tell me what else could give me greater pain?

Yet is it right on my part to complain?
For I have no qualms in admitting
That I loved to shed those tears for you.

My silent prayers apart,
It were these tears only
That gave me the assurance
That I was doing something for you.
You may like to believe
That I long ago discarded
Your existence from my world.
But my world was always 'you', has always been 'you'.
Crying, with 'you' in my mind,
Has been my penance all this while.

Many a times I have used your memories
To punish myself
But these also have been instances of redemption
And of giving a vent to all that was bottled up all along.

Being in pain because of you,
Because of your memories
Has brought me closer to you.
Praying for you has already given meaning to my life.
What more could I ask from you?
You may like to believe
That distance has already done us apart
But it is this distance
That made me fall deeper in love with you.  


  1. Lovely feeling isn't it ?
    The pic just nails it.."I just can't stop thinking about you!" :)
    Keep writing:)

  2. Yeah, it is a lovely feeling. Seems like u have good experience with some such feelings :D

  3. an Excellent composition supported with an equally good image...simply wow... :)
    keep scribbling... :)

  4. He is definitely going to be yours..:P


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