Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I only wish

Those days, days of innocence, days of mischief....
Pure mischief on your part, veiled on mine.
Tell me, wasn't I mischievous in pretending to be innocent?
Only the heavens knew, what all was going on,
Behind those blank expressions, those straight refusals...
It was hard on my part to accept anything, express anything.
As it is now too, me being me.
But the kind of perseverance you showed,
All these years, all these months,
never losing hope, not forcing anything either,
Is what finally bowled me over.
So much faith, so much patience,
And to top that, a queer confidence.
I always knew you were different from the crowd.
But such a degree of steadfastness,
Is what really makes me proud.
Maybe I strayed midway...yes, I did.
But I thank God that it happened.
For I came face-to-face with my truest feelings,
And now I can appreciate you much better.
We might not ever again confess our feelings to each other,
You had one day though, I still remember.
But I had pretended not to have understood.
And now circumstances are such that I can't tell you,
That I actually did....

So be it....that's what perhaps destiny is.
You have given me enough memories, 
Memories that will last me a lifetime.
I only wish, I had given you some!


  1. I just don't know why but i really felt like i have scribbled it..no no don't get me wrong..it's none other than you who carved your sublime emotions here so elegantly. But i really connected myself from this poetry.
    jitni taareef karun utni kam hai..matlab topi uchhalne wali baat kar di mohtarma..!!

    1. Thanks :D Coming from you, these words mean A LOT to me :) :)


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