Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Opening of a new vista

I haven't been writing much of late (I have been too lazy, too happy and too distracted to cut a long story short) which goes to say that this blog has been dead for a good while. Though I have a very small following on Blogosphere, there are people who actually enjoy what I write. For them, there's good news and bad news. First good news. From today onward, I'm going to post at least one article a week. Bad news- all those will be very different from what I have ever written, in this blog and elsewhere. You will get to see a different side of me (neither depressed, nor angry. Not even sarcastic. No, not romantic either) and to go with that, increase your knowledge in human psychology without having to pull your hair at all the technical stuff. Hold your breath. 
I have been approached by SoundSmartAbout to write for their website!
('Their' sounds odd since now I'm very much a part of the SSA team).
Gauging from my excitement, you must be sure that it is something interesting. But chances are you actually haven't heard of this name before. Here's what the website says about itself:
SoundSmartAbout is an initiative by a few undergrads, studying in various universities from all over the world, to set up a sort of poor-man’s Wikipedia. The idea is as follows :
A lot of times, you’ll find a topic, or a piece of news, or some new scientific discovery, that everyone appears to be discussing, and you have no idea what they’re talking about. The most recent example of that, and the topic of our first article, is the Higgs Boson Particle. You want to keep up with the world, but you have no idea where to start, and the wikipedia page is too detailed, in-depth, and dare I say, complicated, to figure out and understand. Especially if you just want to spew an opinion and impress the cute girl in your class who has a thing for smart guys. Sound Smart About will be your auxiliary brain. We will provide you information about interesting theories, discoveries, and international developments, from the fields of physics, mathematics, economics, politics, and history. Cliff-notes, but more fun.
My first article in SSA is already out. Here it goes:

Quick, what’s common between psychology and mythology? Yeah, there’s sex and aggression in both and they have ‘logy’ at the end, but there’s more. In both, there’s lots of subtext, so things can get misleading. Things don’t mean what you think they do. Eagles eat livers, and people go around talking about voices in their heads.
Take Schizophrenia. The word literally means ‘split mind,’ (skhizein – to split, phren – mind) but schizophrenia is very different from ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder‘ which entails a split personality. Everybody likes to claim they understand schizophrenia (“Look at him, talking to himself. LOL, such a schizo”), but few actually do. This is where you learn to make it sound serious (as a mental disorder) and sexy (in literary circles).
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