Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No ordinary love story: Part II

Read the first part here and then proceed. Well I'm not encroaching on your freedom of choice. It's just a sound advice.

"This love story has got no beginning. I don't remember any specific look that drew me to her nor any particular day that I could mark as the day it all started to unfold. There simply isn't any. I can recall sparks flying and clandestine smiles acknowledging the mutual secret happiness, but they all feature somewhere in the middle of our story.
By the time I knew I was in love with her, she had already become a habit. She had entered my life unobtrusively but now when not around, she was easily driving me mad.  I loved her all the more for it. Nobody had this much power over me, you see?

I thanked my stars for having met her. And I was grateful that she loved me too. Hey why on earth are you looking at me this way? Of course, she loved me! There was nothing to tell me that she didn't . Absolutely nothing. What a ridiculous idea. Ha, she didn't love me! Ridiculous. Why would she not? Why on earth would she not love me?"
Sonali was mad at herself for having broken the flow. She had Ishika's account and knew the other side of the story very well and knowing the person she was talking to, she should have been able to keep a check on her expressions. She quickly gathered her wits and replied, "Oh I never doubted any of it Sir. I was only wondering what a great feeling it must be to be so sure about your beloved's love for you. You are extremely lucky Sir."

The last line made Deepak fall into his reverie once again. "Lucky I am, yes. Very lucky." He snapped back out of his reverie as quickly. "Tell me, isn't she lucky too, to have me? What do you think? Who is the more lucky, tell me? Me or Ishika?" Sonali wondered if she should call the nurses yet. " Tell me woman. Say something. Is that so difficult to answer?"
"Of course, she was more lucky. Who wouldn't be lucky to have you Sir? She was indeed the luckiest woman on earth. I was marvelling at her good fortune Sir, that's about it"

A smug smile spread on Deepak's lips as he closed his eyes. Meanwhile, Sonali wiped the sweat on her brows and on her upper lip with her fingers and took a deep breath.

"She was lucky. She was vulnerable. She was innocent and na├»ve. She didn't know the ways of the world. She needed me to shield 'us' from the world outside. You may find it difficult to understand…..but I'm glad she always understood. She never questioned me, rather always made it known that she in fact appreciated what I did for her, for us."

It was coming. Sonali braced herself for the ultimate piece of info that would catapult her career to heights her editor had promised. It didn't occur to her that it could be otherwise.

"That's one reason we never got married. We broke rules and did things society disdained and decided to enjoy it till it lasted. We knew, at the back of our minds, it couldn't last long. My life had an expiry date, so naturally our love had a shelf life too. Does this explain why I killed my love?"

Now was the time to probe and get as much out of the mad businessman as he would allow her. Sonali was about to ask him to further elaborate on the expiry date part when she caught him looking at her in a most unnatural way.

 "She was my dream, a part of the most beautiful dream of my life. I couldn't stand losing her to reality. And I won't lose our story to reality. To the world."
The mischievous smile was back. But this time, malice shone in the eyes.

Sonali was puzzled. And then in an instant the fog cleared. Her heartbeat threatened to tear her to pieces as she looked into Deepak's eyes again.  She was just about to get up when Deepak's hand almost cut into her wrist. She screamed the nurse's name in reflex.

"I told you this story has no end."

 And those were his last words that Sonali heard. The last words Sonali ever heard.

It was no ordinary love story, no doubt. It was an all consuming passion that had consumed its object of love and any and everything that came in its way.
Wait. Was it even love? Could Deepak be said to have understood the meaning of love? How many of us, by the way, understand what love is?

Part III of this series will touch upon my take on the difference between love and dependence and how to know when love has turned into obsession. Do come back :)

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