Sunday, December 30, 2012

The nation awakens while a braveheart dies

Don't mourn her death countrymen
She has left for a better world
A world where surely beasts don't roam around in human cloaks.

It is with great anguish that I put my thoughts into words. I have been avoiding having to write anything about it at all due to want of words that would do justice to the gravity of the situation but today with the demise of the braveheart whose pain managed to awaken an entire nation slumbering, I couldn't help venting it all out lest the agony leak out through other channels.

What happened thirteen days back failed to make me angry. When everybody else was up and about in streets and all over the internet with what could have been done to prevent it and what should be done to prevent such crimes in the future, I failed to even put my emotions into words for this blog. The brutality of the cold blooded act had shunned me into silence and made me numb.

How was I to be proud of such a country? How was I to love my Delhi again? Could my faith in humanity be restored ever again after such a dastardly act, more so when the victim could very well have been me? 
The courage shown by the brave heart who, against all odds, still fought to live only made me more ashamed. That we have been independent for 60 years now seemed a farce. What good is it after all if half the population is scared into confinement for fear of life? Surely, this couldn't be the independence our countrymen fought for.

The protests in Jantar Mantar and at the India Gate oddly seemed like  new additions in the long list of protests that have routinely taking place in these protestor friendly sites, ones that would soon fade out and give way to new, 'more important' issues. Nithari and '6 years' kept pounding in my ears. It was a sick feeling and it didn't help that more rape cases were reported in the newspapers every other day.

 Today, I'm at peace that the girl has died. I wouldn't have wanted her to continue living without intestines and God knows what. She was an inspiration for the whole country but it would have been cruel I believe, to have wanted her to continue living even if she herself wanted to. She has done more than enough by fighting valiantly against death, and the nation has been, I have been noting with growing satisfaction, awakened finally, as reflected in the protests that haven't fizzled out yet and that don't appear to fizzle out without anything concrete coming out of it. It's heartening to see so many protestors, all over the country, out in the cold, in silent contemplation or shouting slogans, united in their efforts to shake the authorities out of their comfort.
So after all, I can be proud of my country and be in love with Delhi and have faith in humanity, again. This possibility is as welcome to my heart as the fingers of death must be for that 23 year old. I pray that she's born in a country where she won't be punished for leading a normal life and doing normal things that 'men' normally do elsewhere. At least this much she deserves for having stirred us into action.

That murder charges have been framed against the convicts is only the start. I look forward to being able to walk in the streets of South Delhi at 9:30 at night and board a bus without feeling scared. That day I would be able to be proud of my country and love my Delhi once again completely. Yeah, when you're a woman, such small things taken for granted by men do seem precious. With the anger refusing to die out, that day I hope, rather believe is not very far.

Meanwhile, let's not forget the issue. That's the least we must do. Let's not give any other issue the centre stage until this one has fulfilled its objectives. And let's take an oath to never fall into the trap of the conspiracy of silence. It's high time the victim is not made to feel ashamed. It's the convict who loses his dignity and the right to be called a human and if anybody is to be stigmatised, it's the convict only. Not. The. Victim. As I keep saying, all crimes committed exclusively or mostly against women have their roots in misogyny. The chauvinistic beliefs that allow a man to dictate what his wife or daughter can wear or who she is 'allowed' to talk to or what her conduct must be like are the same that, combined with weak law and order dynamics, allow men to commit such atrocities. Not every rapist can be a psychopath.

Coming back to the valiant lady, I would say she will remain an inspiration for the nation and hopefully her trauma will compel our sexist politicians to think before trivialising rapes as consensual 90% of the times or likewise.
 A sister dies in a faraway land, punished for no fault of hers, and here I choose not to mourn her death 'coz I know she has left for a better world. Don't mourn her death countrymen. That would  do no good. Don't forget the issue and keep the anger brimming over. Let not her fight go to waste.
And she will be avenged. 


  1. I only hope that these protests don't end in vain. The Indian public are as incredible as India of the tourist ads

    1. Thanks for reading Sir. This time the protests won't go in vain.

  2. Powerful! Here's hoping that with this new year, a 'new' India shall arise with tougher reforms to its judicial system to ensure the safety of her fast disappearing daughters...

    1. Thanks for dropping by ma'am. Hoping the same here.

  3. Thoughtful post! esp the last line "And she will be avenged". Hope that happens soon.

  4. Thoughtful post! esp the last line "And she will be avenged." Hope that happens soon

  5. A heinous crime that has absolutely no justification. I commend the efforts of the protesters in trying to bring her justice as well as changing the current situation in India.

    Sadly, I have no faith in the Indian judicial system. Somehow, these brutal animals, and many others like them will evade the punishments they deserve. It's a mockery considering the leading politicians and religious leaders are making pathetic justifications for these vile acts.

    Major reforms in law are required and most importantly in social attitudes to women. It's high time women were treated as equals.

    1. Indeed it is high time for equality. Hopefully this outrage and debates all over, will make people put some thought into our social attitudes with regard to women, if not anything else.

  6. true braveheart need not be mournd..
    but rememberd for what our has came upto...
    thanx for such writing n sharing.


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