Monday, December 3, 2012

Is this what is love?

You let me say things I wouldn't to anybody else-
Sometimes delightful nonsense and childlike banter,
Sometimes tales of woe and rage, as catharsis,
And mostly stories that would bore any other mortal;

You make me do things I wouldn't if it weren't for you-
Saying sweet-nothings without feeling awkward,
Being vulnerable, being silly, being sappy,
Doing the very opposite of what I have been known to be like so far.
You make me wonder if it's still the same 'me',
Or being with you has made me,
What I was always afraid to be.
Or simply perhaps, you just allow me to be myself.


  1. A beautiful poem. Very sweet, innocent and full of love.

    Good one Sudha..

  2. So sweet Sudha,
    Looks like you're really in love :)

  3. such a lovely poem with lots of innocence brimming in each line :)

    1. Hey that's so nice of you :) Keep breezing past.

  4. ...don't love too much....there are a lotta guys out there who tell u wat u wana hear be careful :)

    1. Is that you speaking? Remember your comment on my post 'In love? Not in love?'? :D
      I'm careful with that thing anyways. I won't jump into anything. Don't worry. And drop by more often :)

  5. An awesome write Sudha and actually true. If one has experienced, one can easily relate to it!


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