Thursday, January 31, 2013

On the backside of the note

Do you hear not the storm of my silence?
What keeps you then from reaching out?
I know not if there's something I cannot give you;
But you must know that I'll let you have every inch of my soul.
Only tell me, how long more will you make me wait?
I long for the sound of your footsteps; And I crave the silken of your voice;
I pine for your touch in the middle of the night;
And only in the dreams of our union do I rejoice.
Is it all not apparent in the way I look at you?
Why then do you act indifferent?

"Madame, I'm married. By the by, I have decided to cut my hair myself from today onwards."


  1. haha...That's a gr8 twist....Nice poem Sudha :D

  2. GRRRREAT! It reminds me of the TV Advt. Sir, which shaving cream do you use? and he says Me!

  3. Haha..nice poem...would work great for the february valentibe spirit..:-)


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