Saturday, February 2, 2013

Book Review: Love hurts, Love heals

Guy meets girl. Arranged marriage. Not love at first sight. Heartwarming courtship. Love happening by and by. Big fat Indian wedding. Dream honeymoon. Big fat Indian family. Vacations and Parties. Friends, felicity and finally a daughter- Jiya. Love Hurts, Love Heals walks through Sundeep's and Neha's moments together, tracing the milestones as well as covering little little memorable incidents of their perfect life (perfect till one incident changes it all). It takes you through the healing process of the author after a life shattering event and thereby places itself in the larger context of the mysteries of life and love.

It's a memoir and a quick read of less than 130 pages. There's nothing extraordinary in terms of language but then that's not supposed to be the USP of this book any which way. This book makes your eyes well up as you wonder along with the author "why life is not fair to good hearted people". And this book takes you on a journey of finding answers tosuch questions. Just when you are tired of the umpteen names of the extended family and friends and the myriad parties and vacations, comes the event that changes the author's life forever and then comes the most beautiful part of the book. I would recommend this book only for those few pages in which the author delves into scriptures, finds his way through spirituality and rediscovers the meaning of life. Love is the key word of course, but the journey through doubts and trials of faith and then finally discovering his inner self and being able to be at peace with the state of affairs is heartwarming. The letter that Sundeep writes to his daughter Jiya, hoping she would read it someday, was the perfect ending Sundeep Tibrewal could have given to his debut venture.

The only thing that tired me was the humongous details covered. I skimmed through many pages when I felt like I had had enough of cousins and their spouses and the vacations and who said what in the hospital. But then this is the first memoir that I read so maybe it has something to do with me instead of the book as such.

One set of lines that's going to stay with me for a long time is this-  The "Love hurts" portion of the title is actually a misnomer. In fact, love never hurts. It is the absence of love which hurts- love only heals!

Good for reading while travelling, short and crisp that it is. If you prefer light reading and are not prejudiced against Indian authors (*wink*) this should be a good read. 

P.S. The book was sent to me personally by the author. He was also gracious enough to sign this kid an autograph on the first page :)

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