Friday, March 22, 2013

The scary prospect of Holi approaching shortly

It's that time of the year again when I'm scared of all men. ALL. Including 6-7 year old kids (who could turn worse when they actually become men).
After two safe, unmolested years in Delhi, I was finally hit by water balloons this afternoon. Two in a day. Both by kids humming raucous Bollywood numbers and giving me a 'stare and keep standing at your own peril' kinda look. Certainly not funny. I don't find it, not a scintilla of it, to be 'in festive fervour'. Sorry dude, I'm not so sportive.
I have been way too lucky these two years, escaping being hit, by whiskers; my reflexes surprising me umpteen times a day just before Holi is in the air. I mean, it sort of strikes me as unusual. You know what I'm talking about if you live in this part of the country.

It's not like women don't play Holi. Many do. Many enjoy it. Some admit it to be their favorite festival. Playing with family and friends should be ok I guess, where getting wet in the middle of the road and feeling violated are out of the equation. Even if one plays with mud, egg yolk or you-know-what, as far as the woman has given her consent and is enjoying it, I believe it's alright. I mean, yeah, I admit, women too can and do enjoy Holi. But that in no way means, I should try to enjoy it too. I can't take the 'it's a Hindu festival, a gift of our culture, a time to let your hair down, forget everything and just soak in the colours and enjoy' argument. My body and my choices are my property. I decide what to enjoy and what not to, be it a festival or a party. The culture of my country doesn't get to decide that. And herein lies the problem. Though there's nothing inherently misogynistic in Holi, people have made it so by forcing it upon the lesser mortals (women walking on roads or on rickshaws) who for some or the other reason fail to enjoy it. The festival gives one the license, in the name of culture and having-fun and stuff, to engage in molestation.
Yeah, I call it molestation.
Modesty is a subjective issue and being made wet in the middle of the road does enrage me and does outrage my modesty. It might be innocent fun for others. For me, it's not. And for the nth time I repeat, I hate Holi.

I've been criticized for criticizing Holi as anti-women. I can't be criticized anymore of exaggerating things. I had a first hand experience of the 'fun' today. One gotta be a woman, walking on Delhi roads, with quick steps and heart racing even in the daytime, to know what I'm talking about. And if you don't understand, keep good distance. Defending Holi is waxing eloquence on hidden misogyny and more importantly, I'm not in the mood to take in any more shit.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

More love coming my way

Entrance exams and dissertation work kept me busy in February and it's been close to a month since I last posted. I have much to share with my readers, needless to say, since all sorts of interesting things keep happening to me, thanks to the amazing sense of humor God has and me being me (His favorite child you see), as you dear reader must have figured by now if you read my memoirs in this blog. Anyways, I'll start with the two Liebster Blog Awards this blog has been awarded by Ashish and Srishti

First what this award is all about:

  • Liebster means you love some fellow blogger’s work and want to appreciate it by this gesture.
  • You have to post 11 things about yourself, after you get the nominations.
  • You have to answer 11 questions, asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • You have to nominate 11 other bloggers having less than 200 followers, like you were nominated.
  • Notify your nominations candidates by commenting on their blogs.
  • Post Liebster’s picture on your post as a gesture of acceptance.

Naturally, I'm all happy happy and being awarded this one by three bloggers(the first one by Anupam Sir) I really appreciate is the cherry on top my mirth. So here I go with 11 things about myself:

1.     1. I love reading. Classics, poetry, psychology, philosophy, politics give me anything but pop garbage.
2. I’m a bibliophile. Most of my pocket money goes on books and the mini library I have at home is one of my biggest assets. I feel good at the mere sight of a book and my dream date would be one in a library.
3. I love writing. It is the best way I express myself and only through writing do I manage to resolve conflicts of emotions and achieve clarity of thoughts. Often times I write to prevent my head from exploding.
4. I’m a good communicator but not good at conversations. I love public speaking and have been a good orator since childhood but I find small talk extremely difficult and tiring.
5. I love studying. Sounds odd? Well, blame my parents. I come from a family wherein academic achievement is the hallmark of a person’s capabilities and everything else is secondary. Did I have any other option? Love, by default, alas!
6. I’m an introvert (on my way to ambiversion). I love people (otherwise I would not have opted for psychology) but can’t tolerate too many of them around me at once. I have a very high need for privacy and solitude and there is nobody that I find more companionable than a good book. I draw energy from within and don’t seek many friends. One or two special friendships are enough for me.

7. I’m a feminist out and out. And I’m absolutely comfortable with the tag. I can stand everything but male chauvinism.
8. I’m idiocentric i.e. my orientation is individualistic. For me, individual achievements and happiness hold more importance than keeping the non-entity called society happy.
9. I find it difficult to stand loud, boisterous people a la Anushka Sharma in Band Baaja Baraat.
10. Love is what makes my world go round.
11. I believe in God. Lord Shiva is my mainstay, my emotional support, my best friend, my everything. I don’t know how I would survive if he were to ask me to stop talking to him.

Here are my answers to the questions Shrishti has put me to:
  1.     What does blogging mean to you?
    - Sharing who I am with the world
  2.     One thing that you can’t do but cannot stop yourself from doing it.
    - Writing poetry
  3.     If given a chance to go in past, what era would you  choose?
    - The Victorian Era
  4.     Who is your current crush?
    - Markus Zusak
  5.     What would you like to change about India?
    - Its social architecture
  6.     If there is one person that you are okay with killing or getting killed, who would that be?
    - The Nithari case accused who is still roaming free
  7.     If you could write a book what would it be about?
    - My love story
  8.     Who is that one person you can do anything for and why?
    - The person I love the most in the world, because, duh, I love that person the most (anything doesn't really mean anything :P)
  9.     One country or place you are dying to go to?
    - Dublin
  10.     Is there any law you would like to be abolished? If yes, which one?
    - Yes, the law that allows polygamy in Muslims
  11.     Being a blogger, how do you reach out to people and keep your readers engaged?
    - I try to write straight from my heart and not mould my content based on what most bloggers are writing about. I try to keep the personal touch and my distinctive style intact in every post and every topic I choose to write on.

oOk now here go my answers to Ashish's questions:

  1. 1. Who is your favorite author?
    - Jane Austen
  2. 2. What is your profession?
    - Student
  3. 3. Apart from blogging, your hobby?
    - Reading, listening to music
  4. 4. How many hours do you spend on blogging?
    - Close to half an hour at least on each post
  5. 5. What/who inspired you to write?
    - The storms inside that threatened to gush out through tears
  6. 6. Do  you feel, you could be a writer in the near future?
    - Yeah I do :D
  7. 7. Choose one: Money or Fame. Why?
    - Fame. I'll have as much money as I need anyways. No aspirations of becoming a millionnaire.
  8. 8. Are you socially active?
    - No
  9. 9. What came first egg or the chicken?
    - I'm too lazy to come up with some witty answer. You'll have to contend with a IDK :P
  10.   . Why is the word dictionary in the dictionary?
    - There's no reason for it not to be in the dictionary, you see.
  11. 1. Why is Liebster award so obsessed with the number 11?
    Oh, not again. I don't know.
     So, as per the rules I have nominated 11 bloggers whom I'm gonna inform individually.

     For them, my questions are:

1.     Religion or spirituality?

2.     Do you like partying?

3.     Who is your Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014?

4.     Barcelona or Manchester United?

5.     Blogger or Wordpress?

6.     Dream holiday destination?

7.     Which genre of books/movies do you enjoy most?

8.     What are your views on marriage?

9.     Did you study Sanskrit in school?

10.   Is Chetan Bhagat overhyped according to you?

11.   Did you ever get lost in a new place?

L   Let’s spread love and sunshine around. Amen!