Monday, June 24, 2013

My Windows and Me

It's only fitting that the song playing in the radio now is "Jeene laga hoon, pehle se zyada..."

I'm in love. With rain; with my large windows and with this beautiful genius of God called life.

I grew up in houses that have always had huge windows, thanks to my parents' penchant with the same. Sunlight used to flood all the rooms in the daytime nad we never had to switch on our lights till close to sunset. I had, however, like all things too easily available, never fully appreciated their worth till I moved out for college. The first year in college was still alright in the sense that I stayed in the college hostel that had balconies and one window in each room. The next two years during which I stayed in a paying guest accommodation made me fully appreciate, down to feeling suffocated and perhaps even SAD (seasonal affective depression), the actual worth of windows- the bigger, the better.

And this is only half of what my windows stretch upto :D

I write this while rain and breeze together romance the tall coconut trees spread all around the flats I can see from my windows, and these windows, I must tell you, extend all over one side of my walls :) I'm one of the minority amongst those new to Mumbai who are actually yet to be irritated with the constant rain. Why, I'm actually in love with the rain! I'm in love with the breeze that makes sure I haven't missed AC in my room and I'm in love with my windows that make sure I get to know whether it is morning yet without having to consult my mobile. Imagine staying in a room, all alone, for one year, that didn't allow you the faculty of knowing whether it was day or night if you didn't have a watch on or your mobile phone on the bed! The alone part wasn't problematic since I'm an introvert plus had a few good friends in the pg as well but having no windows made it pretty difficult.

From a lane in north Delhi in which buildings were all huddled so close together as if parts of an omnibus building stretching the entire lane, to a flat in suburb in Mumbai that accords me all the privacy as I would have wanted from my windows that remain open all the time, it's been an amazing journey of realizing the value of little little things we never come to appreciate for their easy availability. I originally come from a sleepy little town in Odisha whose easy pace of life and luxury of space I never truly appreciated till I shifted to Delhi and now it's a full circle again having been blessed with a place to stay in Mumbai that makes me feel like home yet at the same time makes sure I don't miss Delhi too much.It's a nice balance and yeah, I'm loving my new haven :) 


  1. A simple yet beautiful piece!

  2. nice & beautiful write. I too like houses with big windows. For, they connect me to a realty going outside my home.

  3. wow! huge window, coconut tree and the rain. awesome combination!


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