Thursday, June 13, 2013

Presenting God with Oscar Wilde & Others

After Whatsapp took everyone by storm, it's now the age of WeChat, very correctly described as "the new way to connect". WeChat in case if you have just landed from the moon, is a social app that does the amazing job of gathering all of your sharing and communication tools in a single place! And this includes video calls, text messages, and images. Ask me, and the best feature of WeChat I would say is 'group chatting'. 

Now, if I were to have five people with me in a WeChat group with whom I could connect with, and preferably with all of them together, I would have with me *hold your breath*: 
  • Albert Einstein (his wit has fascinated me since always, I dare say as much as his hair and expressions)
  •  Oscar Wilde (I'm currently reading The Picture of Dorian Gray and you should know what this book can do to a person. Btw I didn't like the book, rather it fascinated me. There's a difference between the two.)
  • Sheldon Cooper (if you don't know him, you might as well come and shoot me)
  • Jack Sparrow (quite obvious, going by the first three names)
  •  God
As to why I would like to have these five people and not others is quite obvious. Read along and you will know. Before that here's a peek into how exactly WeChat works: here.

Alright in my dream WeChat group, I would have the conversation to start by having Albert Einstein ask a few questions to God, which Oscar Wilde would obviously have the answers to (he has the answers to everything) and which he would answer before God has finished. Oscar Wilde being Oscar Wilde. There would then ensue a debate of the kind that has never been witnessed before (*devillish laugh*) between Wilde and God. 
Meanwhile Jack Sparrow will try to impress me with his witty aphorisms and the still wittier epitaphs he has thought for his corpse. I know this sounds uncharacteristic of him but Jack Sparrow has a penchant for doing the outrageous you see. 
The three of us would heartily enjoy the debates on hedonism, puritanism, morality, art and religion still continuing unabated between Wilde and God. Neither of the two would ask for our validation and so we would be content not adding anything to it. 
Sheldon would, however, and uncharacteristically, talk a lot- not to impress me of course (there's Einstein in the group after all) and not content with what I would already have by then, I would gradually incite Sheldon to join the discussion going on between Wilde and God.
 I would not be disappointed. 
Einstein and Jack Sparrow would have a gala time getting to know each other while trying to win me over (which means I'll have a gala time too) while we witness the world's most interesting discussion between the other three in the group. By and by, all five would get involved and no matter how the debate ends, I'll have the last laugh.

P.S. This post was written for the "WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!" contest on Indiblogger.