Friday, June 28, 2013

The rain reminds me of you

The rain reminds me of you love. 
Everything that the rain does with me, to me, reminds me of you.

As the raindrops slither down my arms, 
It feels like your touch love and my heart blithely skips a beat. 
My eyes close and my lips unfurl into a smile 
As a drop caresses me on the lips and for a moment stays there.
The touch of your finger there is what my mind instantly conjures up and can't stop thinking about. 
Your breath on my neck is what the breeze feels like 
When it tries to reach me there through my open locks 
And as it playfully pushes them away, it's your fingers again. 
To me, the rain is you love.


  1. I see the real poetess in you this time..(Y)
    Your Highness..!! just look at your romantic..:P

    1. ohh lady...
      i express my gratitude,
      for making my dead heart pound again... :-D

    2. Thanks Prateek! Such a compliment from a poet himself makes me super happy :)

      Vaidehi thanks for visiting my blog :) And yeah, to keep your heart pounding, read all of the poems I post :D

  2. wow! very beautiful and romantic :)

  3. The poem reflects the song: kaliyon ka chaman thab banta hai..... just like when it rains it reminds of his love.

  4. your poem and this rain, insisting me to find my love...... just don't know where is she ?

    1. :) We will find her together, hopefully in the campus itself :D


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