Monday, October 28, 2013

It's 5 years now!

Five years. My blog has been my like my shadow, witnessing and recording much. I’m practically ashamed of my first score of posts but I don’t delete them just to be able to keep track of the changes my writing and my life experiences live through. On this day five years back, I published my first post on this blog and going through some of my earliest posts I can see the changes and all that have remained much the same. Today, I celebrate five years of this companionship. 

On this day, here's a quick list from yours truly of her favorite posts on the blog. Do breeze past some :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

While we kiss

My heart beats to the harmony of your breath on my face,
Fast, fleeting, nervous and suddenly still like death.
I live, hang in suspension and live again,
And recognize that I never actually lived till now.

The rhythm of your lips moving on mine,
sets me into a waltz, of rapture, euphoria and ecstasy.
I go up and down the alleys of drunkenness
Dancing to the tune of divine enchantment.

I drink the intoxication drop by drop, and in buckets,
That your fingers work on the nape of my neck.
And drown deeper, and deeper, while we kiss
Into the illumined oblivion of boundless love finally let out and expressed


I'm Gonna Miss My DU Days

Memories, like clouds, float away in the sky of my mind, forming mesmerizing patterns I can’t help being in awe of. The day I bought my admission form and told God that I would make myself known here, my experiments in the practicals in first year and having to hunt for subjects, the moments right after I finally got through all of the pre-admission formalities in college hostel finally, my moments of unexpected success in various creative writing competitions, my growing compatibility with the girl in whom I found my best friend for life, my silent tears inside the blanket when nothing went right for my dissertation work, my retail therapy sessions in Kamla Nagar market and the run for trying to taste each and everything special to Delhi in the last month of 3rd year, my home-sickness and love-sickness right before exams every time with utter disregard to level of's funny how many bittersweet moments and completely aha moments I have beheld and lived. I'm spellbound by the wealth of memorable experiences I have had. 

Meanwhile, as my eyes run past the buildings, the roads, the buses of Delhi for the last time for I don’t know how many years, I want to live each moment, each sight I behold, each breath that I take in. I seek to soak in all that is still left to me of Delhi while savoring at the same time some of my most memorable Delhi moments. On a slightly different note, hopefully I'll never have to board this Kalinga Utkal Express ever again even if I have to come back to Delhi. 

One chapter of my life comes to an end, a prolonged end, today. Well, so does one stage of my growing up.

In these three years of college, I discovered myself and myriad colors of life revealed themselves to me that I never would have known had any one piece been missing- be it psychology or my professors or my friends or my PG and the list is endless. For reasons I’m not sure I can elucidate, I connect all of this to Delhi.  My dreams, my growth, my destiny are all in my mind irretrievably embedded in Delhi. 

I connect my growing friendship with Banaja inevitably with the North Campus streets and the dining area in our PG. I connect the acceptance of my love's re-entry into my life with that single-seater room on the 1st floor of my PG and all the baby-clips I bought in Kamla Nagar celebrating having found a reason to pamper myself. I connect my growth as a to-be-researcher to the numerous discussions in the corridor of the psychology department of my college with Dr. Kapur. I connect my resilience with my trysts with the college hostel and college library that gave me more than enough number of opportunities to test myself. I connect with my feminism the numerous talks I had the privilege to be present in as part of the audience. I connect my changing ambitions to the various lectures in my department and my unforgettable lecturers. As my Delhi days end today, I have some very beautiful memories that like wisps of clouds in a clear blue sky float in the sky of my mind and bring to life moments I never knew to be holding such beauty.