Monday, October 21, 2013

While we kiss

My heart beats to the harmony of your breath on my face,
Fast, fleeting, nervous and suddenly still like death.
I live, hang in suspension and live again,
And recognize that I never actually lived till now.

The rhythm of your lips moving on mine,
sets me into a waltz, of rapture, euphoria and ecstasy.
I go up and down the alleys of drunkenness
Dancing to the tune of divine enchantment.

I drink the intoxication drop by drop, and in buckets,
That your fingers work on the nape of my neck.
And drown deeper, and deeper, while we kiss
Into the illumined oblivion of boundless love finally let out and expressed



  1. Deep lines indeed!:)
    Well written , Sudha.:)

  2. Beautiful and intimate. Unknowingly I wrote on a similar subject today itself.

  3. The feelings are expressed so exactly, and elegantly! Too good, Sudha!


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