Monday, February 9, 2015

The Goodbye Post

Sometimes we outgrow even our best relationships. Of course, thanks to the history we share we don't give these up easily. We hold on to them for a long time, try myriad tricks to revive the magic and just refuse to see the possibility that maybe the relationship has served its purpose and no longer occupies the same place in one's life.

The ideal thing would be to, of course, cherish the memories the relationship gave one and at the same time start moving on but it is far easier said than done. The sense of loyalty can be the strongest of chains. The fact that moving on doesn't necessarily mean betrayal needs to be accepted first before one can take a step on a new path.

I have had my struggle and this evening, after months, I have had a sense of closure finally. I'm putting an end to The Lid Is Lifted​- this blog. The Facebook page for the blog will continue to exist though there will no longer be any more updates. Ever. I have realised for good that my beloved blog doesn't go well with who I have become all that I have gone through in the last couple of years. I have decided that it better remain the pristine symbol of my teenage than try accommodating the present me uneasily :)

I have created a new blog but for now I don't wish advertising it. It will be 'out' when it is meant to.
This post is for the small legion of my ardent followers who kept egging me on to post something and always made me feel good with what respect they had for my writing. I'm sorry if this means letting you down. I will always cherish your kind words and I'm grateful that my blog connected me with such wonderful people who went on to become good friends :)

Those who know me well and have at some point followed my blog (both overlap to  great extent :P ) would know what my blog meant to me. It was what kept me sane, to say the least. Letting it go has been anything but an easy decision. But suddenly I feel free...and I think my writer's block is melting away :)